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How to Survive Menopause



How to Survive Menopause: When Science Changes Course, How Do You Know What’s Safe and Effective.

While I am not a woman, I know of mothers, wives, grandmothers, fellow doctors, and active rulemakers dealing with menopause, which is easily one of the most important wars they have to wage in their lifetime. It’s as if nature designed a little tap, saying: “Your childbearing years are over. Time to move on now.”

But how do you move on from the symptoms? How do you come to terms with the oft-painful coming and aftermath of menopause and find relief?

Occurring before or after 50 years of age, menopause signals the total halt of menstrual periods and the production of estrogen and progesterone. Its arrival is trumpeted by the following symptoms:

Menopause Symptoms
  • Hot flashes
  • Natural menstrual irregularities
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Other symptoms you wouldn’t even want to imagine

Menopause can be a source of real frustration – even anger – for you. Abounding during this time are life’s many confusions, which can be compounded by using all the wrong strategies to cope with the symptoms. But I’ve prepared a little offering to help you through this new lifestage: the free report HOW TO SURVIVE MENOPAUSE: WHEN SCIENCE CHANGES COURSE, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, which can aid you in dealing safely and effectively with the many signs and symptoms of menopause. Not only did I tackle the spells of night sweats and mood shifts in this report, but also disclosed a number of heart-healthy relief and long-term solutions.

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Where Science Went Wrong In The “Treatment” Of Menopause And Providing Relief

In my long professional experience and personal relationships with women, I’ve seen how ineffective this one scientific approach is in alleviating menopause symptoms.

This report will reveal the problem with hormone replacement therapy, which we could easily trade for effective, heart-healthy, and natural menopause relief..


Even while it may still be early in the game for you, you will definitely appreciate (and even share with your friends and loved ones) the many symptom-easing solutions to menopause I’ve provided in this FREE report.

Safe, Natural, And Heart-Healthy Ways To Deal With Your Woes

Faced with all forms of discomfort and distressing symptoms, any woman at menopause stage would surely want a quick fix. This report will then clue you in on the various things to do at this lifestage, including more about the FSH Test, a blood test that can be conducted to gauge if you’re really pacing closer to menopausal stage.

Through this report, you will also acquaint yourself with the THREE SUREFIRE STRATEGIES TO START WITH – phytoestrogens, Omega-3, and green teas – that all have amazing benefits before and during the onset of menopause. I’ll also let you in on what you can follow up these with as part of a lifelong regimen, including the wonders of exercise and the overall essence of Vitamin D.

I, however, remain partial to healthy lifestyle changes as the smartest way to deal with this new “passage” you’re experiencing or will sooner or later face. This report will share with you these insights, which will not only walk you through menopause but also help optimize your health.

There Are Other Vital Points To Remember When Dealing With This New Lifestage!

The clearest manifestations of menopause have surfaced in the past 75 years, but I don’t think that too many women can lay claim to true and complete information on it. Thus this free report aims to shed light on the many points about the symptoms, the “treatment” and relief, and the recent developments on menopause, including...

  • The fact that menopause can be surgically induced
  • Why soy isn’t included in the list of helpful symptom relievers
  • The magic of Black Cohosh when dealing with hot flashes
  • The “new” science of bioidenticals, which made its television debut on Oprah and is believed to help when diet and lifestyle changes aren’t enoughs.
  • The dangerous knockoffs of natural estriol that you have to be vigilant about!
  • Other useful tips to deal best with menopause and its aftermath

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I see this report as one small yet meaningful way of empathizing with women going through this necessary passage to another lifestage. And I firmly believe that come rain, shine, menopause or unforeseen health events, healthy nutritional and lifestyle habits can do a lot for your survival. Get hold of this FREE report as a gift to a loved one, or as a knowledge you may need when menopause starts knocking in. Just enter your email address in the box below to get hold of this wonderful gift.

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