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Regenerative Farming E-Guide

Discover How Regenerative Farming Helps Heal the Environment

Conventional farming’s focus on profits has led to the decimation of soil quality and the destruction of the environment, in exchange for low-quality, nutrient-depleted food. Learn about the basic principles of regenerative farming and give yourself a chance to give back to the earth and, at the same time, take control of your health. Enter your email address below to get your FREE e-guide “Regenerative Agriculture: The Sustainable Way to Heal the Environment E-Guide.”

How Conventional Farming Is Stopping You From Getting Your Essential Nutrients

The industrialized farming industry provides us with tons of affordable food every day, giving us a sense of security through the constant food supply it produces. But it comes at a steep price: Conventional farming has led to the widespread use of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers, which has depleted the world’s soil, and is stripping your food’s nutritional value.

In addition to the content of your vegetable and fruit baskets, meats and other animal products have fallen victim to poor ethics as well. Concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are now commonplace in the U.S., with 55 percent of pork and 72 percent of poultry being sourced from these factory farms.1

In CAFOs, animals are kept in confined spaces, where they are forced to roam around in their own waste and given corn- and soy-based GMO feeds. Not only is this inhumane, but it also drastically changes the components and nutrient levels in your food – you end up paying a relatively high price for low-cost animal products.

Industrialized Farming Is Contaminating Our Soil and Water

Aside from destroying the quality of our food, industrialized farming is also slowly destroying our soil. The highly mechanized process that ensures speed in farming has started to degrade the soil our plants need for nutrients, slowly rendering it infertile or even sterile.

Our major water sources are also getting contaminated because of the chemical runoff from all these industrialized farms, not to mention all the pollution CAFOs are releasing into our waterways each day. This just goes to show that industrialized farming does not, in any way, promote a healthy ecosystem. It’s just a way to guarantee that all of our resources become so polluted that we’ll eventually render our planet uninhabitable.

Regenerative Agriculture Can Offer Us a Better World

The good news is that there is a way out of this mess, and that is through regenerative agriculture.

Numerous farms around the world have started switching to regenerative agriculture, which gives us hope that we’re not entirely on the road to destruction. Regenerative agriculture focuses on helping the environment heal from years and years of human abuse. It aims to bring back to the soil what has been depleted, which means that we’re getting back the minerals and nutrients that we are supposed to be getting.

If you’re like me and you’re hell-bent on learning the basic principles of regenerative agriculture and how to promote it in your own land or garden, Regenerative Agriculture: The Sustainable Way to Heal the Environment will surely be of use to you. This e-guide will teach you:

  • What the basic principles of regenerative agriculture are
  • The benefits you can get from promoting regenerative agriculture
  • Tips and tricks on how you can use regenerative practices in your own garden

Start following the basic principles in this e-guide and immediately start contributing to the collective effort of helping our environment heal and regenerate after years of abuse. Start taking control of your health now by helping the soil and the ecosystem recover.


1 WorldWatch Institute, Rising Number of Farm Animals Poses Environmental and Public Health Risks

Regenerative Farming E-Guide
Give Back to Nature – Get Regenerative Agriculture: The Sustainable Way to Heal the Environment Now for FREE!

Aside from choosing products from trustworthy and regenerative farms, you can also help the environment by becoming self-sufficient and adopting the regenerative way of farming.


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