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The Surprising Cause of High Blood Pressure

The Surprising Cause of High Blood Pressure

The truth about the campaign of disinformation designed to rob you of your right to a healthier, happier life... And how 85% of sufferers have managed to normalize blood pressure naturally and without drugs

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Did you know that according to a survey by the Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA) in July 2003, despite the number of drugs available and the number of prescriptions written...

No real progress has been made in controlling high blood pressure among the U.S. adult population

Interestingly enough, another study reported by the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2000 revealed 30 percent of patients with mild to moderate hypertension responded well to a placebo – PROOF that they were able to control their blood pressure without medication.

Thousands of Americans with high blood pressure have placed their faith in the medical system, but they are being systematically sacrificed on the altar of the drug company’s greed.

For instance, a study by the British Medical Association in 2003 revealed 97 percent of people taking drugs for high blood pressure had suffered significant side effects at some point during treatment. That means...

High Blood Pressure Symptoms

Facts About High Blood Pressure Everyone Should Know

  1. One in three U.S. adults has high blood pressure
  2. Nearly a third of people with hypertension don’t know they have the condition
  3. Over 40 percent are not being treated
  4. Nearly a third of people with hypertension don’t know they have high blood pressure symptoms

Source: Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA, 2003)

You Only Have Three Chances out of 100 of Being Side-Effect-Free If You Choose to Take Drugs to Control High Blood Pressure

It makes me livid. These drug companies have been so utterly corrupted that they have brainwashed the majority of us into thinking drugs are the solution, even though lifestyle changes have been shown to normalize blood pressure levels in over 85 percent of sufferers.

It’s time someone stepped forward and had the guts to expose one of the greatest criminal conspiracies of our time. And that’s why I’d like to send you a copy of this free report – to show you the causes of high blood pressure and exactly what you need to do... step-by-step... to normalize your blood pressure naturally...

What's even unfortunate is that you may already have B12 deficiency without you knowing about it! High blood pressure symptoms may only manifest after a number of years as influenced by your diet and your body’s absorption of B12.

Free Report: The Best Kept Secrets for Beating The Causes of High Blood Pressure Without Drugs

The bottom line is the drug companies have launched a campaign of disinformation about hypertension designed to pull the wool over your eyes.

What doctors don’t tell you (because in the majority of cases, they don’t know) is the latest guidelines have been manipulated to help them (the fat cats at the drug companies) achieve higher profits – DESPITE THE FACT THEY ARE DAMAGING YOUR HEALTH.

Does that sound far-fetched? Well, take a look at these undeniable facts:

  • In December 2003, 45 million healthy Americans became new potential consumers of anti-hypertensive drugs. Why? Because the seventh Joint National Committee (JNC) report ushered in new guidelines for blood pressure readings despite the fact that there is absolutely no evidence these people are at risk of chronic high blood pressure.
  • While the connection between insulin levels, stress and high blood pressure is proven, there isn’t a word about this in the “gold standard medical report” on the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure.
High Blood Pressure Drugs

The JNC report has obviously heavily obscured the facts all in the name of the mighty dollar. It’s remarkable just how heavy its emphasis on drugs actually is, and at many times, on multiple drugs in combination, to treat the causes of high blood pressure.

You’ve been kept in the dark too long by the pill-pushers and money-grubbers. The road to real health means making your own choices and not just accepting what the health establishment says you ‘should’ do.

And now you can find out everything you need to know to make an informed decision in my limited supply, new free 15-page "High Blood Pressure Consumer Awareness" report that reveals the causes of high blood pressure and how to treat it naturally without drugs and the nasty side effects.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside...

 Eating fish helps normalize blood pressure.
  • How to tell if you might be suffering from hypertension (including the exact numbers for normal blood pressure compared to the 3 different stages of hypertension)
  • If you are overweight, here’s what you need to check to ensure you aren’t wrongly diagnosed with hypertension
  • Doctor Danger: Three different ways your doctor could misdiagnose you with hypertension, and put you on a vicious drug cycle which could send you on a downhill spiral
  • WARNING: Avoid these 2 types of food like the plague until your blood pressure is normalized! Ignoring this single warning could send you to an early grave!
  • Fish is a powerful food to consume to help normalize blood pressure. But did you know most fresh fish today contain dangerously high levels of mercury? What to supplement it with instead... page 8
  • Why there is no perfect diet for everyone: how to normalize your weight (and reduce your risk of high blood pressure) without feeling deprived all the time - by eating based on YOUR body’s UNIQUE requirements
  • Did you know people with heart disease can lower their risk of cardiac events by up to 70 percent simply by learning to [REVEALED INSIDE]
  • The quickest, easiest way to transform your suppressed, negative emotions and relieve stress
  • A natural step you can take every day, which will do more good for you than any drug a pharmaceutical company can manufacture
  • The three best types of exercise you can do to lower your blood pressure
  • Six different supplements you can take for high blood pressure: PLUS an important warning about supplements
  • A warning sign to watch out for: How to tell if your child could be at risk of developing hypertension in later years
The Surprising Cause of High Blood Pressure

If you are concerned about your blood pressure, then this free report reveals everything you need to know, including new research your doctor may not be aware of which may be the magical golden keys you’re looking for to reverse this disease. For your free copy, simply enter your email address into the box below. You’ll be glad you did.


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