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How to Properly Cite


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Through the years, countless people have shared and referenced content posted throughout my website, giving people the information they need to help them take control of their health.

While you can still freely share my articles with anyone who can benefit from this content, there are substantial changes in how you can share this information.

Articles Will Only Be Available for 48 Hours Upon Posting

Mercola articles at one time were easily shared by posting the link on social media or linking to it in a webpage. But circumstances have forced me to change that.

August 4, 2021, I posted an announcement mentioning that I will be deleting all content within 48 hours of posting. This includes over 15,000 articles  posted through the years.

In spite of this major change, I still want to offer everyone an option to share articles in the hopes that other readers will get the health information they need.

So what can you do if you want to cite a recently published article before it goes away?

It’s simple: You’re allowed to copy articles word for word and republish on your website — as long as:

  • is properly cited as the source
  • The content does not appear as your own content
  • It is clear that your website is affiliated with Mercola

To copy the quote from a Mercola article, cite the article name as the source.

You may not post any content as if it was your own, and the content must remain free. If your site requires a fee to access the content you share, you may not post our articles on another site.

To reiterate, you may republish articles, as long as they are credited properly and unaltered and you never charge a fee for our content. reserves the right to suspend or revoke these privileges to anyone at any time.