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Welcome to the hub of health news and insights at Over the years, our platform has been a trusted source for individuals seeking valuable information for better health. As you explore or use our content, it’s essential to uphold integrity in sharing and referencing it. Here are our go-to tips:

Mercola Homepage
  1. Maintain Integrity: When sharing content from, ensure that it remains unaltered and free of any modifications, preserving the accuracy and authenticity of the information provided.
  2. Attribution is Key: Properly attribute the content to whenever you reference or share it. This includes citing the author's name, article title, publication date and the URL of the specific webpage.
  3. Respect Copyright: While sharing is encouraged for educational and informational purposes, it's imperative to respect copyright laws. Unauthorized commercial use, alteration or reproduction of our content is not permitted without permission.
  4. Evaluation for Commercial Use: If you intend to use content for commercial purposes, such as inclusion in a book, textbook or magazine where users are charged for access, please click here to reach out to us for evaluation in order to maintain transparency.

By adhering to these guidelines, you contribute to upholding the standards of ethical and responsible information sharing. Thank you for your commitment to promoting natural health and wellness through accurate and trustworthy content.