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We’ve just made it easier for you to stay informed of the latest health news! Now you can listen to your favorite newsletter articles* and videos on your mp3 player or straight from your desktop media player. 

The service is constantly updated so that you can access the most recent newsletter articles and videos as a podcast feed using easy-to-use free software for both PCs and Macs.

To access the podcasts, click on the links below.

(iTunes will be launched when you click this link.)

(iTunes will be launched when you click this link.)

Newsletter Articles:
(When the file opens in your browser, right click on the headphone icon at the end of each article to save and download the mp3.)

(When it opens in your browser, right click on the paper clip icon at the end of each item to save and download the mp4.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is podcasting?

Podcasting is a way to receive audio files over the Internet. Many content providers, including, offer podcast feeds at no cost. These feeds deliver audio broadcasts to your desktop. You can listen to these files on your computer or load them on your MP3 player and take them with you.

Why is it called podcasting?

Podcasting is a mix of the words 'iPod' (Apple's popular portable mp3 player) and 'broadcasting'. However, the service is not just available to those with iPods. You can enjoy podcasts whatever your brand of mp3 player.

How can I listen to the podcast using iTunes?

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the Audio or Video link below.

If for some reason, the method above does not work, all you need to do is launch your iTunes, search for "Mercola" and click subscribe. Your podcast episodes will download automatically to your iTunes library. Once downloaded, you can enjoy them even when you’re not connected to the Internet. It’s that easy! Sync them with your iPod, iPhone for mobility or your Apple TV to experience the latest health news on your TV through your home theater sound system.

Mercola Podcast
Mercola Podcast

I don't have iTunes. How can I access the media files?

Getting access to our podcast is as easy as downloading your digital music online. All you have to do is click the Articles or Video RSS Feed link below, look for the headphones or paper clip symbol at the end of each article, then right click and choose “Save As …” to download the mp3 (audio) or mp4 (video) file. Once completed, load it into your removable media player or play it directly using your desktop media player. Click here to open the Articles RSS Feed. To watch the Mercola videos, click here for the Video RSS Feed.

Mercola Podcast

How much does it cost?

Unlike with other websites, Mercola Newsletter Articles podcasts are completely free.

How big are the audio files?

The audio files are very manageable: the average news item "weighs" 8 MB. In other words, you can store approximately 60 articles on a 512 MB MP3 player. The podcast feature of iTunes or Juice will automatically manage the deletion of old MP3 files. There is therefore no risk of overloading the memory of your mobile device.

How can I listen to the RSS feeds?

The straightforward way to subscribe to the feeds is through programs such as Apple iTunes. These programs will manage the whole podcast process including the download of new articles, removal of old files and synchronization to your device. You can also listen the files on your PC either through these programs or through voice-supporting RSS readers. Personalized homepage RSS readers such as or

* Are all pages available via Podcast?

We began podcasting in early 2009. As such, articles that were posted prior to this date are unavailable in podcast format. We hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed so you can enjoy podcasts of every newsletter going forward.