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Raw Food Diet

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The Raw Food Diet: Shun All Processed Junk and Enjoy Real Food Today!

Do you always crave French fries or a bagel? Or perhaps a hamburger or hotdog? These foods are, convenient, easy to prepare, and can be found almost anywhere. However, they all have one thing in common: they’re highly processed, engineered to appeal to your taste buds and therefore extremely addictive Worse, they can hardly even be considered real food!

Processed Foods Screw Up Your Bodily Processes

The truth is, processed foods are far from natural and have lost much of their nutritional value. Manufacturers add artificial ingredients, including high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), the single greatest source of calories in the United States, as well as monosodium glutamate (MSG) and artificial sweeteners. On top of that, these foods undergo a number of unnatural processes, including pasteurization, hydrogenation, and deodorization – destroying any naturally occurring nutrients and producing toxic chemical byproducts.

So what happens when you consume such foods on a regular basis?

  • Your body is overburdened by toxins, which accumulate in your tissues.
  • Because these foods are devoid of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes, they overwork your pancreas and other organs, which may consequently damage them.
  • Your body produces more waste material, possibly causing congestion and clogging in your body.
  • Processed foods may introduce pathogenic organisms, such as bacteria, which may disrupt your gut flora and result in digestive dysfunction.
  • They are a one-way ticket to chronic diseases, from obesity, arthritis, cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Given these grave health consequences (and the high social, environmental, and ethical costs of current food production systems), the logical step is to break free from processed foods and to replace these poor-quality products with a raw food diet. But how to go about breaking the bad habit, switching to a healthful diet, and sticking to it for good?

The Raw Food Diet Advantage

Raw Food Diet Advantage

“Raw food diet,” literally means eating your food uncooked (or minimally processed). If you’re a frequent visitor to my site, you may know that I recommend eating at least 80 percent your food raw or close to raw. If your food comes with a label, it has likely undergone a manufacturing assembly line and some level of processing.


You may initially feel uneasy about eating raw food, thinking that they are crawling with pathogenic microbes. But consuming only wholesome organic foods, such as organic vegetables, raw organic dairy, and pastured meats, helps you to avoid the risk of contamination and disease. So pay close attention to the quality of the food you are buying.

Ideally, you will consume locally grown and unprocessed food. This supports local farmers and the economy. It also will avoid many of the dangers posed by mass produced and processed foods. Locally grown food eaten in its natural raw state contains valuable compounds, such as enzymes, that jumpstart a number of biochemical reactions in your body and also contain biophotons, which are small units of light that are stored in and utilized by all biological organisms, including humans. These light units control complex vital processes in your body. Naturally grown vegetables and sun-ripened fruits are abundant in light energy.

Unfortunately, when cooked or exposed to heat, even locally obtained produce loses all of its precious nutrients and is rendered as useless as any processed food sitting on a supermarket shelf.

Get Started with a Raw Food Diet!

Raw Food DietOf course, quitting the processed food lifestyle can be challenging for many individuals.  We have been raised to value convenience. Processed food sells in large part because many lack time and resources to prepare their own meals. Yet, once you switch to a raw diet, you will realize that it is worth the switch: you’ll gain energy, have an improved mood, and find it easier to manage your weight. If you’re used to processed foods and beverages, the sooner you wean yourself from these junk foods using a raw food diet, the easier it will be to curb your cravings and improve your overall health.

To make the transition smoother for all those who are interested in going raw, I have compiled helpful information on raw food preparations in this FREE ebook. Not only do I elaborate on the benefits of a raw diet, but I also show you…

  • How to really define a raw food diet – People often avoid this diet because  the mainstream media and Big Food tell you it’s costly, and robs you of precious personal or family time. You will discover how easy and simple a raw food diet can be – and that it can even serve as a meaningful step toward total wellness. 
  • The raw foods you should be eating more, including their sources. In this ebook, I have discussed in detail how organically grown foods are far superior to their conventionally grown counterparts.
  • 3 effective ways to increase your intake of raw vegetables – I understand that many people are unable to do so for many reasons, and this is why I have provided these methods to make vegetables – especially the dark green leafy ones – more appealing and palatable.
  • The truth about commercially cultivated fruits and fructose – Plus, 10 fruits that I believe will make a difference for your health!
  • The importance of knowing where your meat and dairy products come from, plus 3 dairy products that you should eat more.
  • A popularly vilified food that is actually perfect as a regular treat because of its nutritionally dense composition.
  • AS A BONUS: easy-to-follow raw food recipes that will not only support your health but also make your mouth water!

Let this raw food diet ebook act as a handy guide to get started today. Use it as the perfect complement to my nutrition plan, which offers more comprehensive information. Arming yourself with the right knowledge will help you implement a better kind of diet and lifestyle, as well as shun processed foods altogether. Get this free eBook now to experience all the raw and exciting benefits that Mother Nature has to offer.

Raw Food Diet
Get the Raw Food Diet Recipes eBook for Free!

Read and discover how consuming raw foods positively affects your longevity and optimal health. Featuring nutritious and wholesome recipes from Dr. Mercola that you can prepare at home!

Just enter your email address below. You'll also get a FREE subscription to Dr. Mercola's natural health newsletter.


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