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The FDA Exposed

The FDA Exposed


THE FDA EXPOSED: Get this free report to see the true colors of the Food and Drug Administration and how it has betrayed your trust as an American consumer.


Woman Surprised After Reading Drug Label

Do you read the labels of food and drugs to know exactly what you're getting before buying them? Or do you randomly pick something off the shelf, trusting that everything is safe because it wouldn't be sold if it wasn't?

As a consumer, you may expect that products sold over-the-counter or at supermarket shelves are safe because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has got your back.

But don't be lulled into a false sense of security because you are about to find out why the FDA is actually a public enemy rather than a public watchdog!

The FDA is officially sworn to protect public health by assuring the safety and security of America's food supply, products, medicine and medical devices; make them safer, more effective and more affordable; and, provide the public with the information about food and medicine that they need to improve their health.

And yet, despite numerous FDA regulations, death from adverse drug reactions is still one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., killing at least 106,000 yearly!

Most of these deaths are from EXPECTED adverse reactions because they are an extension of the drugs’ actions. A mere 6 percent of all adverse drug reactions are properly identified.

As a result, the mortality rate for people between ages 45-64 who took their prescription drugs correctly rose 90 percent in just five years!

Even if you check the labels or not, the safety of the products you consume has been compromised by the very agency assigned to protect them!

The FDA Exposed

The Free Report THE FDA EXPOSED reveals the true colors of the FDA and tells you how it has betrayed the public trust by becoming an agency no longer concerned with keeping Americans safe and healthy and is now driven by greed and profit.

For a Dangerous America?

The FDA has lost face because it is now too closely linked with big pharmaceutical companies. It’s more beneficial and profitable for “Big Pharma” to have more unhealthy people because that would mean more drug sales.

Even the FDA’s own scientists have cast a doubt on the agency’s credibility. And it’s not just Dr. David Graham, the FDA scientist who exposed the dangers of prescription drug Vioxx. A 2002 survey revealed that more than hundreds of FDA scientists lacked confidence in the agency’s ability to “adequately monitor the safety of prescription drugs once they are on the market.” Others questioned the FDA’s drug assessment and labeling processes.

With the FDA and Big Pharma seemingly in cahoots, unsafe drugs are getting approved and natural medicine is being persecuted because it poses a threat to big drug companies.

If natural medicine is suppressed, it means that you no longer have the choice to pick safer alternatives to improve your health and will have to rely on all the wonderful drugs that Big Pharma is cooking up!

The FDA has put health freedom in danger and is seeking to eliminate natural health alternatives through a campaign of censorship, distortions, and lies.

In THE FDA EXPOSED, you’ll learn:

  • The truth about the FDA and why it is no longer fit to safeguard your health
  • How the FDA systematically puts natural medicine, particularly dietary supplements, on the shelf and out of your reach to protect the interests of big drug companies
  • The FDA’s violent raids on natural health practitioners and the dangerous drugs it had approved that caused thousands of deaths
  • The FDA’s sinister plan to speed up the development of drugs and use toxicology to assess the safety and value of nutritional supplements

Americans are paying billions of hard-earned dollars in health care and drugs but are not getting any healthier. Good health has become a luxury, thanks to the FDA drug racket. How many more have to die before the FDA con act is stopped?

Are you still willing to have the FDA to safeguard your health?

The FDA Exposed


THE FDA EXPOSED: Get this free report to see the true colors of the Food and Drug Administration and how it has betrayed your trust as an American consumer.


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