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No-Nonsense Guide to a Naturally Healthy Pregnancy and Baby



Where does motherhood begin? Does it begin with the newborn’s first piercing cry in the delivery room, or in that first touch shared between mother and infant?

In my over three decades of work and dedication in healthcare, I’ve always believed that maternal bond begins in pregnancy, in that miraculous process of childbirth itself. The soon-to-be mother adapts her way of life to suit the developing infant’s needs, making sure about optimal nutritional intake.

A healthy pregnancy, however, doesn’t only revolve around diet. May it be during the first or last trimester, there are many challenges that can beset your pregnancy. These include current realities such as:

  • The growing number of unhealthy commercial food choices
  • Everyday stress
  • Exposure to mercury and other toxins in the environment
  • Misguided use of toxic cosmetics and beauty products during childbearing
  • Many other factors affecting your baby’s overall health and well-being!

Given these challenges (especially if you’re a first-time mother), you definitely start looking for sound advice to safeguard your baby’s health. But while it is already difficult enough to sift through the confusing data, you also find yourself following your doctor’s orders that perpetuate wrong notions on pregnancy.

Are Omega-3 Fats The Way To Go For Prenatal Health?

Does the food you eat during pregnancy define your baby?

Your pregnancy food and nutritional choices map out the health and condition of your baby, and having read tens of thousands of articles on nutrition, I’m convinced that there is a SINGLE most important dietary option that can positively shape prenatal health.

I’m taking the guesswork out as I discuss the importance of Omega-3 fats in
this report. Omega-3s prove to be essential to a child’s development, and its
lack can spell a lifetime of immune system, learning, and emotional disorders.

This report will acquaint you with the things you need to know about Omega-3 fats, including:

Woman Holding a Ring
  • The reality of Omega-6 overdose in most people, which leads to serious consequences
  • The phenomenal protection provided by Omega-3s against prematurity
  • Omega-3’s role in protecting your baby against autism, brain injuries, and other health conditions
  • Where to get the best source of Omega-3 fats
  • The real score on plant-based Omega-3 fats, if they provide the same benefits
    After satisfying the nutrition question, the report will proceed to another vital trick in producing an optimal healthy baby.
    Peak out of the window this beautiful morning for the biggest clue there is...
Healthy Pregnancy

Having Your Vitamin D levels Tested? Make Sure You Use a Good Testing Lab!

It is very important to have an optimal Vitamin D level especially during pregnancy. Different Vitamin D testing methods offer irregularities in values, thus it’s important to choose wisely where to go. Get this FREE report to know the lab I recommend and more about its gold standard test.


Add More Sunshine For a Healthy Pregnancy

This report will show that without any question, healthy Vitamin D levels during pregnancy could be one precious gift you could give to your baby. Mainly synthesized through healthy sunlight exposure, this nutrient will perform wonders to your child in the lifetime ahead of him or her.

I’ll share tips on the many factors that may be affecting the Vitamin D level in your body. You may be facing a Vitamin D deficiency problem due to the following:

  • Living in colder regions with less sunshine
  • Working indoors
  • Many other seemingly too-simple factors you fail to notice!

And while healthy exposure to sunlight is the best way to optimize your Vitamin D level, there are factors that may hinder you from getting it regularly. This report will help you discover the wonders of Vitamin D supplementation which, with the help of regular blood and Vitamin D level tests, can take your baby’s health to greater heights.

Vaccines – And Why You Should Just Say No!

Vaccination is a recurring concern that comes as early as the pregnancy stage, and perhaps you’re still wondering whether they are safe or not.

Much ballyhoo and pressure from the “authorities and experts” can keep you from making a smart decision when it comes to immunization.

This FREE report will reveal the many factors to consider if you should opt for vaccination or not. Knowing these factors – mercury and potential neurotoxin content in vaccines, for instance – will inspire you to do further research on the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, which have long been touted as a necessity for your baby.

Take These Other Routes To A Healthy, Happy Pregnancy

Healthy Pregnancy

A healthy baby isn’t “carved” out of lofty goals alone; the mother’s body – your own miraculous body – needs to be a wonderful place for fetal growth and development.

Thus apart from the factors we’ve mentioned above, there are other important points I’ve included in this report to help you have a healthy, happy pregnancy. It’s worth knowing that:

  • “Eating for two” during pregnancy is a misguided belief. Obesity will wreak havoc not only on your health, but also your baby’s.
  • There are right foods to eat for the baby. Apart from fresh, organic food, know the healthy stuff you should be consuming at this time of your life.
  • Exercise during pregnancy will be a boon to you and your baby’s health.
  • Mercury amalgams in your mouth are a point of concern. Know why you should have them removed BEFORE getting pregnant.
  • Pesticides and cleaning agents inside your home could jeopardize your baby’s health. Identify these harmful products that can increase chances of your baby having autism, asthma, childhood learning difficulties, and even fetal death!
  • Chemicals in your beauty cosmetics can give your baby’s health an ugly future. Learn how to beautify yourself safely and save your child from many health issues.
  • Your own gum disease can up your risk of premature birth.
  • Plastic can hurt your unborn child.
Secrets of Better Sleep Free Report
Travel the Road to a Healthy, Happy and Stress-Free Pregnancy!


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