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Lung Cancer: Facts You Need to Know

You Are at Risk of Lung Cancer 
Whether You Smoke or Not

Facts You Need To Know About Lung Cancer


There is a common misconception that only heavy smokers can develop lung cancer. If you are not a smoker, or only smoke occasionally, now is not the time to let your guard down against this painful and often underestimated disease.

Statistics, for one, show that lung cancer currently tops the list of cancer-related death causes for both men and women. In the United States alone, it has already afflicted over two million people and counting.

The worst part is that lung cancer works like a thief in the dead of the night: none of the symptoms such as persistent coughs, wheezing, recurrent pneumonia or bronchitis, coughing up blood and weight or appetite loss prepare you early enough to prevent the onset of this mighty disease.

If You Still Smoke, Find Out How To Kick the Habit NOW and for Good

Before taking another drag of your cigarette, assess the situation and ask: am I putting myself and others at serious risks of lung cancer?

The answer to that is YES, and this is an inconvenient truth because the smoking habit has stayed with you despite the real threats of lung cancer. This report will, like any sincere family member or friend, re-assert that Smoking has no benefit whatsoeverand will even shorter your life span.

This report will be a real wake-up call, revealing not only the dangers of smoking but also the secrets to kicking the habit – emotional and social influences, suggested responses, and diet and lifestyle changes. Don't let another day pass without reading these tips!

But first, take a look at what the numbers have to say:

  • Smoking isn’t the only culprit. Sadly, however, it causes about 85-90% of lung cancer types.
  • An estimated 23.5% of men and 18.1% of women in the US smoke and put themselves at risk not only of lung cancer, but also of stroke, asthma, and other serious illnesses.
  • Individuals who smoke have 20-25 times greater risk of lung cancer.

Then there’s the danger posed by second-hand smoke. At the end of the day, do you know the true cost of smoking to your kids and family?

The smoking habit spells health troubles not only for you, but also for the many others positioned on the receiving end of your cigarette smoke. I deeply empathize with people like me who don’t smoke but are pained to see their loved ones do.

Second-hand smoke is another real dark truth, and it causes a lineup of defects and multiple deficiencies for babies and adults alike. Smoking deprives your body of the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients such as Vitamin C, thus making you vulnerable to lung cancer and other diseases.

Having heard about the dangers for you and your family, are you still pussyfooting about quitting smoking? This report will assert to you that “NOW” is the operative word. Lung cancer and other diseases can attack anytime, and they’re very decisive about it.

Non-Smokers Beware… These Common Household Chemicals & Other Toxins Can Be as Deadly as Cigarette Smoke

Lung Cancer & Asbestos

But can you actually imagine a world with someone who hasn’t smoked a cigarette in his life dying of lung cancer?

I can. The situation above has already happened, and not because of some cosmic or unknown forces. Radon, asbestos, air pollutants and chemicals are major risk factors in lung cancer, and they tell their own tales of bringing you closer to the deadly disease.

This report includes many revealing facts on your exposure to asbestos and to the major risk factors other than smoking. You just might be shocked at the proximity of these risk factors to you and your homes and families!


You Don’t Have to Be a Victim. Learn How to Master Your Lifestyle so You Can Prevent Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer & Smoking

I’ve always been a staunch advocate of optimal health, and preventing lung cancer and getting on the road to overall wellness isn’t just a single-phase project. It’s a continuing journey, which starts with that one valiant move: quit smoking.

This report will answer some of the pressing questions of health and disease prevention, including the following:

  • The #1 thing you can do to prevent lung cancer NOW!
  • The vitamin that can shield you against the damaging effects of your smoking
  • Addressing dietary issues to prepare for quitting the habit
  • How to deal with smoking withdrawal symptoms like sugar cravings
  • And more sound tips and information!

It’s not easy to stop smoking, but remember that when you do it, you sign up to a whole “promo package” of health problems and difficulties. The signs and symptoms of lung cancer may not yet be present, but whether you are a smoker or not, it could be your life’s reality. Have a proactive stance against this killer today and avail yourself of good information. Just enter your email address in the box below and get closer not only to the scare, but also the real truths about and prevention of lung cancer.




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