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Fibromyalgia: The Hidden Disease Turning Millions of Americans  Into the ‘Walking Wounded’

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Did you know that the National Fibromyalgia Association estimates that it takes an average of 5 years for a fibromyalgia patient to get an accurate diagnosis because so many physicians are not adequately educated about it? 

That’s right – over 10 million Americans (2 to 4 percent of the population) suffer from widespread musculoskeletal aches, pain and stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue and sleep disturbances because most “concerned” doctors won’t give you any longer than about 7.5 minutes per appointment. 

Despite the fact that it can turn your life into a living hell where in you experience deep muscular aching, unbearable fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, and a range of potential other symptoms including...

  • Irritable bowel and bladder
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Restless leg syndrome and periodic leg movements
  • Impaired memory and concentration
  • Skin sensitivities and rashes
  • Dry eyes and mouth
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Dizziness
  • Raynaud’s syndrome
  • Impaired coordination

become part of your daily life, nobody seems to be doing much about it.

Of course, the fat cats at the drug companies – motivated by record profits – have tried many “shot in the dark” approaches over the years. But they’ve created more symptoms than they have relieved and helped themselves far more than their patients.

It’s a disgrace. That’s why I’ve decided to step forward and shed some light on the latest research about fibromyalgia. After all, the bottom line is the road to relieving the symptoms lies in educating yourself to make your own choices - not just accepting what the ‘experts’ say you should do.

So with your permission, I am going to send you a free report, which tells you everything 
you ever wanted to know about fibromyalgia, including simple tests you can perform to identify whether or not you have it, how to reduce the pain and fatigue for good, and how to get your life back.

So How Do You Know If You’re Suffering From Fibromyalgia?

Unfortunately, diagnosing fibromyalgia is a challenge as it has many body symptoms and the symptoms overlap many other conditions.

What is FibromyalgiaThat’s one of the reasons why it takes so long for medical doctors to diagnose. It’s also why today, it’s likely that a lot of people are being misdiagnosed with this condition. Unfortunately, it has become a convenient catch-all for a variety of complaints.

To make matters even worse, despite over 20 years of investigation, nobody knows what causes it.

But before you throw up your hands in despair, you should know that new research is bringing us closer to understanding the basic mechanisms of fibromyalgia and the keys to the solution.

And everything is covered in my new, free 16-page “Fibromyalgia Consumer Awareness” report that reveals how to identify and treat fibromyalgia... without harmful drugs or side effects.

This report walks you through the classic symptoms of fibromyalgia, what triggers the disease, and the keys to its solution.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside...

Download Fibromyalgia Free Report
  • How to know whether or not you’ve been struck with fibromyalgia (including the 15 most common symptoms which may suggest you are suffering from this 21st century disease)
  • The 18 little known pressure points fibromyalgia sufferers are likely to find pain or tenderness in when pressure is applied (probably the quickest, easiest and most certain way of identifying whether you’ve been struck with this awful disease)
  • Nine physiological abnormalities in the central nervous system you’ll experience if you suffer from fibromyalgia
  • The four best ways to treat fibromyalgia and why the natural, side-effect free method is the best approach
  • Five foods you can remove from your diet (according to a study of 17 fibromyalgia patients), which may result in significant pain reduction
  • WARNING: Avoid this artificial additive like the plague! You’ll find it at almost every cafe in the country. But keep away from it because it could be responsible for part or even all of your symptoms
  • Did you have a traumatic childhood? If so, a recent study has linked trauma to a range of disease conditions including cancer, hepatitis and bronchitis. Here’s how to turn those negative memories into positive ones – FAST!
  • Why you can have the perfect diet, exercise routine and an ideal life – and still become very sick
  • Four different types of physical activity, which are likely to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia - plus why water-based exercise could be doing you more harm than good
  • Can acupuncture help relieve your pain? The answer may surprise you
  • How to get your body to naturally release more growth hormone and as a result, repair any damage that occurs to your muscles and tissues from the rigors of your day
  • Finding it hard to sleep? Many people with fibromyalgia do, but here’s 13 
    suggestions for saying goodbye to insomnia for good

If you think there’s a chance you may have fibromyalgia, then there’s no need for you to suffer in silence any longer especially since I have outlined everything you need to know in this free report, which includes recent research your doctor may not be aware of that may provide immediate relief. For your free copy, simply enter your email address into the box below. You’ll be glad you did.

Fibromyalgia: The Hidden Disease Turning Millions of Americans  Into the ‘Walking Wounded’

Enter your email address to get your FREE Report, Fibromyalgia: Are We Getting Anywhere?

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