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Low Grain Guide To Health

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Lower Your Grains and lower your insulin levels
Over the past fifteen years, our dietary establishment has made a virtual industry of extolling the virtues of carbohydrates. We're constantly told that carbohydrates are the good guys of nutrition, and that, if we eat large amounts of them, the world should be a better place. In such a world, the experts tell us, there will be no heart disease and no obesity. Under such guidance, Americans are gobbling breads, cereals, and pastas as if there were no tomorrow, trying desperately to reach that 80 to 85 percent of total calories advocated by the high-carb extremists.

Scientific Evidence of the value of eating few grains
Unfortunately, the debate over the validity of this concept has primarily been waged in the media and lay publications and not in the scientific journals. Many of the popular books which support this position are gimmicky, and often, lack adequate scientific referencing. Yet, at their core is very important concept -- limiting the intake of carbohydrates, (especially as cereal grains and starches), will improve human health.

The Awful Truth About Eating Grains

Caveman Cuisine
An interesting look at the diet of our ancestors and how it relates to the diet of modern man.

Paleolithic Diet
An interview of Dr. Loren Cordain by Robert Crayhon, discussing his theory of what our ancestors ate..

Low-Fat, High-Fiber Diet May Lower Calcium Absorption
A high-fiber, low-fat diet may significantly reduce the amount of calcium absorbed by the body.



Confessions of a Former Vegan
Read about how one person came to change his diet views dramatically.

Biblical Nutrition: The Bible Supports Foods from Both Plant & Animal Kingdoms

Faulty Reasoning in the Biblical Nutrition Movement

More Faulty Reasoning In the Debate Over the Bible Diet



Early Death Comes From Drinking Distilled Water

Why I Now Say No to Distilled Water



Pork Causes More Illness

Pork and Hepatitis E

Dangerous Parasite Common Among Pig Farmers

Childhood Brain Tumor Risk Higher on Farms, Particularly With Exposure to Pigs

Deadly Pig Virus Returns

Pig-Human Organ Transplants


Trans Fats

Health Risks from Processed Foods and The Dangers of Trans Fats

The Case of the Phantom Fat

Type of Dietary Fat Key to Heart Risk


Other Diet Related Subjects

Milk and Dairy
Read about why, contrary to popular belief, milk is not good for you.

Although Soy is growing in popularity, it is not the "superfood" that many in the natural health field are touting it to be.

Sugar Index Page
Several useful articles on the dangers of Sugar.


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