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Welcome to the Advanced Nutrition Plan

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Optimized Nutrition Plan

You've reached the most challenging level of my nutrition plan, and these recommendations will help you to be the healthiest person you can be. This is the level where you're most likely to encounter a cynical attitude from friends and relatives. Some may tell you that you've gone over the edge!

Most of the people who come to my clinic are on this advanced nutrition plan because they have very serious health challenges. Or perhaps they simply want to maximize their current health. Two types of people should go to this level of the program:

Two types of people should go to this level of the program:

  • Those who are totally committed to their individual health
  • Those with advanced health problems

This level may be inappropriate for many and should be undertaken only if you have a serious health challenge or are absolutely committed to achieving the highest level of health possible. These recommendations are the best of what I currently know to improve not only the length of your life, but the quality of your later years.

My best wishes for your success with this last stage of my program.

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