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Nutrition Plan - Introduction
Nutrition Plan - Introduction
Nutrition Plan - Level 1
Nutrition Plan - Level 1
Nutrition Plan - Level 2
Nutrition Plan - Level 2

Welcome to Level 2 of My Nutrition Plan!

I would like to congratulate you on making it to this level. Level 2 is designed to move you even closer to optimum health so that you can harvest all of the delights and pleasures that come along with occupying a healthy body.

Ideally, you should move on to this level once you have reaped the benefits of Level 1, and you already have some time and practical experience under your belt. You should also make sure that you have optimized your:

Weight Blood sugar/insulin
Cholesterol ratios Ferritin
Vitamin D Blood pressure

If you haven’t seen improvements yet, you either need to go back to Level 1 and assess whether you’ve followed all the recommendations properly, or find a trained health professional who can help you figure out what piece of the puzzle is missing. Don’t worry because there are many highly qualified natural health physicians and other professionals who can coach you.

One important skill to master is the ability to distinguish between physical food cravings and emotional food cravings. Ideally, you should identify what your food cravings mean – are you truly missing nutrients, or do your cravings stem from emotional issues – whether that’s boredom, sadness, or frustration? For psychological challenges, you can try the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Many people don’t realize the full impact that their emotional wellbeing has on their physical health. In fact, failing to address emotional issues – whether minor or more serious traumas from the past – is the main reason most people who have lost weight often fail to keep the weight off. If you do not get rid of these negative thoughts and feelings, it will be much harder to succeed at improving your physical body.

My sincere wishes for your success in this level of my Nutrition Plan! Remember, radiant health is within your reach.

Dr. Mercola's Nutrition Plan


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