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Uncover the Truth about These Fake Health Foods and Keep Your Family Healthy!

Fried egg, whole wheat toast and orange juice - the perfect American breakfast, isn’t it?

Did you know that in the twenty minutes it’ll take your kids to wipe their plates clean, they’ll have consumed three of the five health foods to avoid!

Let me give you my personal list of 5 seemingly innocent but harmful health foods that are probably on your breakfast table and in your kitchen. You’re going to find out just how these foods may be shortening your lifespan and robbing you of energy!

Identify the guilty items on your breakfast table! You be the judge and jury in the face of incriminating evidence!

# 1

Bread, the Unhealthy Grain!

Despite typical beliefs - the bread on your table is not the healthy food you think it is!

Find out why it is behind rising insulin levels.

Discover what conditions are triggered by eating any kind of bread.

If you want your kids to grow up healthy, read up on rising evidence, that shows that limiting or doing without grains can add years to their life and improve the quality of their health now!ii

Bread is just the first on the list – you’re not out of the woods yet!

# 2

Pasteurized Dairy, Not All Milk is Created Equal

Let me pose a crucial question - would you keep drinking pasteurized milk if you knew that calves fed pasteurized milk often die before maturity?

Before you put up an argument in defense of milk, let’s boil it down to the truth first and you will see that you don’t have to give milk up – you’ll just have to switch to a healthy alternative!

Find out what the alternative is and where to find it!

# 3

Orange Juice, Juicing Fruit Isn’t the Way to Go!

If the juice is as natural as the fruit itself, then it should be good for your health, right? Get the facts on fruit juices straight first and reserve your judgment for later!

# 4

Soy, Why It Has Fallen from Grace?

Are you looking at that container of soy milk in your fridge? If you think the test of time proves a food innocent of health issues, think again!

Soy has been known as the "near perfect food" for centuries. In fact, it has been the food of whole civilizations. With the weight of history to back it up, no wonder you're convinced it's healthy! Did you know however, that this “near perfect food” is not as perfect as it seems?

Be shocked at why you are unknowingly giving your babies the equivalent of five birth control pills when you feed them soy infant formula exclusively.iii

# 5

Vegetable Oil May Be the Worst Oil You Can Cook with!

Finally, turn your attention to that simple bottle of vegetable oil on your kitchen shelf. If you think you’ve done away with unhealthy fat because you’re cooking with vegetable oil, you’re wrong!

Cooking with vegetable oil results in the formation of molecules more toxic than trans fat.

There is actually a totally healthier alternative to polyunsaturated fat. Read up on this cooking oil’s health benefits and find out why it is THE healthy alternative to vegetable oil!

Avoid these health impostors and make sure that your family is getting the best nutrition from genuinely healthy food! THE TOP FIVE HEALTH FOODS TO AVOID! and get the low down on the mentioned health culprits!


Start eating a truly healthy diet by avoiding these health foods and making better food choices! Get this FREE report THE TOP FIVE HEALTH FOODS TO AVOID and get free access to over 100,000 health articles from! We guarantee your email privacy, so subscribe to the newsletter for FREE and get this eye opening report delivered to your inbox now!

i Journal of Pediatrics January 2000 136:86-90

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