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Prevail Against Pests without Pesticides... Natural New Solutions for Your Pest Problem

One fact of life is that apart from your family, you’re sharing your home with a diverse array of pests: ants in the cupboard, wasps in your sunroom, termites in the cabinets, or maybe bugs having their own little party in your garden.

Your first instinct, of course, is to run to the store and get the most effective pesticide out there.

But little do you know that the dangers of pesticides are much bigger than the ones you’re trying to solve. These pesticides – 4.5 billion pounds of which are used annually as reported in 2001 – tend to spread easily, stay suspended in the air, and contaminate the areas in and out of your home, adversely affecting your children, pets, and the lush plant life around you.

Natural Pet Solutions Free Report

But I’m not merely sounding the alarm bells on pesticides and leaving you with no viable option in keeping your home clean and pest-free. There are new and natural pest solutions, which are in my free report PREVAIL AGAINST PESTICIDES: NATURAL NEW SOLUTIONS FOR YOUR PEST PROBLEM. This report is a comprehensive guide to solving your pest problem the safe, natural, and effective way.

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Pesticide Use? The Environment Is Crying Out For Help!

Pesticide use entails a number of environmental side effects. This report will delve deep into the unsettling environmental setbacks, such as:

Is Found Not Only in Yards And Outside Areas...

Natural Pesticides for Kids Safety
...but also in spots that have such proximity to you and your babies and young kids! Find out today the many household items that are being infiltrated by those risky pesticides you use at home. The beddings you’re sleeping in might just be one of them!
  • Current figures on extensive pesticide use
  • Pesticide resistance and the resulting crop problems and economic losses
  • Groundwater and soil contamination, which leads to pesticide buildup in our water!
  • The aspect of bioaccumulation, and how you are exposed to high levels of toxins after consuming fish or animals with bioaccumulated pesticides
  • Many other disturbing facts about pesticide use

These translate to bigger, more human problems that, according to author Thomas Kerns in Environmentally Induced Illnesses, include:

  • Cancer
  • Immune system dysfunction
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Other neural and respiratory diseases you never want to imagine

And, of course, addressing this whole pesticide problem means starting the probe right at your own home...

Pest Control
AGENT 007 NO MORE. TV ads and shows project the quintessential American mom as a ruthless, chemical-wielding pest buster. While she has nothing in mind but her family’s protection, it’s about time for an image overhaul. Take harsh pesticides and chemicals out of the picture now!

Pesticides Are Invading Your Home At This Very Moment

Safety defines much of the home life, and pesticides do an impeccable work of endangering it. With the influx of insecticides and anti-pest products in the market today (and the easy access that comes with the trade), exposure has just become a looming prospect.

This FREE report will let you in on some startling findings from a recent EPA study, which reveals that most home storage of pesticides is unsafe.

It will also disclose how pregnant women and children are at increased risk of adverse health effects of pesticides and other chemicals, which find their way in the air or in drinking water.

But before hopeless thoughts intoxicate you, let this report also bring the good news of safe, natural alternatives for your pest problem...

Taking Safe Alternatives For A Pest-Free Home

Before you wield that bottle of harsh chemicals, think first: is there a safer way out of our recurring insect or pest problem? Fortunately, yes. And these pesticide alternatives are laid down in this report, which you can access absolutely for FREE.

This report will also reveal:

Pest Solutions for Food Safety
  • 12 foods that have the LOWEST pesticide load
  • 12 fruits and vegetables with the HIGHEST pesticide content
  • Natural pest solutions, including a healthy ingredient that better replaces DEET
  • Products responding to the “green” call, such as the Mercola Healthy Home line that powerfully cleans and gets rid of pests and insects in a safe, non-toxic way
  • Other ways for a pesticide-free home and school environment for your kids!

FREE REPORT: Prevail Against Pests without Pesticides... Natural New Solutions for Your Pest Problem

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