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Finally, You Can Enjoy Safe & Delicious Fish

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I have finally found a safe and delicious source for one of the most nutritious foods on earth -- wild red salmon -- and it is now available to you!

Anyone who has read my free health newsletter knows I have vigilantly warned against eating any type of fish from any water source, as virtually all fish these days contain dangerously high levels of mercury and other toxins. I am not alone, as many expert physicians, health organizations and even government agencies have posted similar warnings.

But meanwhile, I have just as vigilantly been searching for a truly clean source of fish; without the major health risks posed by their toxicity, fish would be among my absolute most recommended foods for their outstanding nutritionial benefits including very high levels of omega-3 with DHA and EPA, which most people are desperately lacking in their diets but which can help people optimize their weight and prevent disease, among other benefits listed below.

So the good news is worth repeating: after research that included my testing the salmon through an independent lab, and of course tasting the salmon in a variety of recipes, I can now confidently and enthusiastically recommend the Vital Choice brand of wild red salmon to you!

Smoked Kosher Nova Lox

You Will Benefit Immensely from Vital Choice Salmon

Vital Choice Wild red salmon portions, filets, smoked salmon, kosher sliced lox, and canned salmon are all available, and their many major benefits to you include:

  • The ONLY safe fish I have discovered!
  • Far higher in essential omega-3 with EPA and DHA than any other food, and among the highest of all fish, meaning Vital Choice salmon will:
    • Aid in losing weight as omega-3 helps the body process fat
    • Increase your daily energy levels so you get more done and don't feel tired all the time
    • Greatly help prevent diseases such as cancer, heart disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer's and more
    • Help pregnant women avoid premature birth and low birth-weight
    • Reduce the risk of hyperactivity in children
  • High in astaxanthin and other antioxidants, which help you live longer
  • An excellent source of protein
  • Outstanding for healthy, younger-looking skin
  • Free of antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic coloring agents, growth hormones and GMOs

Just as important as all the above, Vital Choice salmon have the absolute most delicious flavor, as the fish are caught wild in the cold, clean North Pacific. This means they were not fed a diet of corn, any other grain, or soy pellets, but raised on their own natural diet, ensuring the best taste!

Harvested With Conscience from the Purest Waters on Earth

After hatching in their natal rivers, the Alaskan salmon swim upstream to very remote and pristine fresh water lakes where they feed and grow for 1-3 years before migrating out to the Bering Sea. Working closely with a native Alaskan tribe, Vital Choice takes all measures to ensure the salmon are sustainably harvested during their migration.

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The Vital Choice salmon -- unlike the low-grade (and toxic) salmon you will find in most stores -- is then "flash-frozen," an advanced and completely safe technique that immediately captures the fresh-caught flavor of the salmon while preserving its firm texture and rich color. The canned salmon, meanwhile, is also immediately packaged using advanced techniques that require absolutely no freezing, ensuring its freshness and fantastic taste.

Try Some Absolutely Delicious -- and SAFE -- Salmon Today

Whether you prefer the wild red filets, smoked salmon, lox, canned salmon, or a variety of these, I highly encourage you to try this truly mouth-watering, highly nutritious and safe salmon, and to make it a regular part of your diet. As you know by now, nothing matters more to your health, optimal weight, and well-being than what you put into your body, and this is truly some of the best food on earth for you.

The canned salmon makes a far superior addition to any recipe calling for tuna, as it is far safer, and contains ten times the calcium and four times the omega-3s present in canned tuna!

The salmon filets, smoked salmon and lox will be delivered to you flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed, to ensure absolute quality and the freshest taste.

Yes, this salmon costs more than what you'll find in conventional grocery stores due to its harvesting methods and location (which lead to its purity and fantastic taste), but then again if you can even find wild red salmon lab-tested to ensure its safety in some specialty store, you will see the Vital Choice brand costs less.

Finally, you will notice that Vital Choice also offers organic blueberries. These blueberries, from Eastern Canada, are smaller and sweeter than the typical store-bought blueberries, and are an ideal complement to salmon. Blueberries, of course, are one of the most potent antioxidant foods on the planet, and they are low in sugar so they won't stimulate severe insulin swings.

Order Your Safe, Heart-Healthy Wild Sockeye Salmon

In portions, filets, smoked portions, cold-smoked kosher lox, and cans. Add organic blueberries as the perfect healthy compliment.

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Note: Alaskan and Hawaiian perishable orders require a $19.95 surcharge, or 10% of value when it exceeds $200.

Vital Choice Salmon contains less than .1ppm of mercury.

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