Mercury Awareness Week

Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind

Automatic Brain: The Magic of the Unconscious Mind
The latest scientific research will make your jaw drop, it manages 90 percent of everything you do whether you are asleep or awake - yet most people treat it like the poor cousin. Here are six actions that will help you harness it and gain an unfair advantage.

Does Sickness Smell?

does sickness smell
Did you know that many health conditions have a specific odor you and animals can detect? Your olfactory sense (ability to smell) is important to your health and may stimulate your immune system to help protect your health. I'll tell you about one mineral deficiency that may reduce your ability to detect scent.

MovNat: Movement Training for Motion and Exercise

MovNat: Movement Training for Motion and Exercise
Just because you exercise regularly doesn't mean you move well enough to prevent pain and immobility. This impressive program, based on real-life practical movements, takes just 10 minutes of your time, and helps you reclaim your ability to move naturally for stability, balance, comfort, focus, strength and mental well-being.

Total Body Workout With Planks

Total Body Workout With Planks
Planks are an excellent exercise if you want a stronger core, increased flexibility and a tighter tummy. They're not as hard on your back as sit-ups or crunches. They can also increase your stability and mobility.

7 Ways to Minimize Jet Lag

ways to minimize jet lag
Includes 7 ways to beat jet lag, including one eating plan that's proven to slash your odds dramatically, a simple way to shield against radiation, a Chinese medicine biohack, what to wear on the plane, what to do in the morning of your arrival, and much more.

Study: 12 Percent of Depression Could Be Prevented With 1 Hour of Exercise a Week

Physical activity is an excellent tool for relieving depression, but new research suggests you can experience benefits with as little as one hour of exercise a week. Beyond recovery, this very moderate amount of exercise may even help prevent depression in the first place.

Do the Healing Benefits of Comfrey Oil Outweigh Its Toxic Effects?

Comfrey Oil
Comfrey oil can be used topically to help reduce inflammation and maintain healthy skin. However, it may cause serious organ damage if ingested, since it contains poisonous chemicals. Learn more about the uses, potential side effects and proper usage of this herbal oil before adding it to your first aid kit.

Obesity Responsible for 40 Percent of Diagnosed Cancers

obesity rate rising
Many still hold fast to the idea that you can be metabolically healthy no matter what your scale says. With this new alarming research, we now know that's not true and may be giving you false reassurance. Even if you're not too heavy pound-wise, but have a pooch, you're still at risk.

Safe Alternatives to Toxic Mothballs

essential oils and herbs
Mothballs are toxic and dangerous to your health, but several safe alternatives exist to protect your clothes by repelling moths and moth larvae naturally.

Medical Mistakes Affect 1 in 5 People

medical error
Medical mistakes are a serious public health threat that may result in permanent injury, damage or death. Medical mistakes may happen in the doctor's office, hospital or outpatient clinic, and the numbers may be even higher as death certificates do not record errors in care.
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