Ditching Nature in Favor of Fake Food Is Not the Solution to Destructive Factory Farming

lab-grown meat
It's far riskier and less ecofriendly than you're being told, worse than factory farmed meats. But that's not what you're being told. They even boast of its GE components (and call them safe). Plus it's more energy-intensive to produce. Here's what to embrace instead, for many reasons.

Why the New Nicotine Is Super Addictive

Smoking cigarettes is now passé, it seems, which is a good thing. But e-cigarettes have become all the rage. One company has taken the concept to a new level with an experience that rivals the real thing — probably because it delivers around the same amount of nicotine as cigarettes. But why do experts call them scary?

How Big Soda Quickly Destroyed California Democracy

soda tax
In an unprecedented political move, the beverage industry held the California legislature hostage to pass a bill banning soda taxes. Using additional strategies borrowed from Big Tobacco, they hope to stop soda taxes across the country.

Majority of Supermarket Meats Are Still Riddled With Superbugs

Majority of Supermarket Meats Are Still Riddled With Superbugs
Be aware, 8 in 10 supermarket meats now contain fecal bacteria, and many contain antibiotic-resistant superbugs. Earlier testing found potentially harmful bacteria on 97 percent of samples tested of this widely popular meat, and half had at least one type of bacteria that was resistant to 3 or more antibiotics.

Boiled Frogs and the Pesticide Time Bomb

neonicotinoid pesticide
Seeds treated with toxic neonicotinoid pesticides have become commonplace, even though they kill off beneficial insects that help control insect pests. The use of glyphosate and dicamba also continues to rise, while experts sound warnings that their continued use is threatening birds, amphibians and the environment as a whole.

Polluting Pigs Part IV

pig CAFOs lawsuits
A couple living near a North Carolina pig CAFO has been awarded multimillions in damages due to the health threats they've endured as a result. The bad news is the damages are likely to be significantly reduced, and the state has just passed legislation that makes filing additional nuisance lawsuits against polluting CAFOs virtually impossible.

Why You Should Eat More Chlorophyll-Rich Foods

chlorophyll rich foods
Dark green plant foods are a marvel when it comes to binding and safely eliminating carcinogenic chemicals from your body obtained from foods and tobacco smoke. But green foods aren't equal in their binding capacity. This one is 35 times more potent than spinach and excels in binding and eliminating mercury.

The Surprising Connection Between Bone Health and Heart Health

bone and heart health relation
While you may not think your bone and heart health are related, research suggests you can care for these vital parts of your body in surprisingly similar ways. By ensuring you receive sufficient daily stores of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and K2, as well as probiotics, you'll be safeguarding the health of your bones and your heart.

What Are the Signs of Vitamin B Complex Deficiency?

vitamin b deficiency symptoms
Deficiencies in B vitamins may lead to neurological, digestive or psychiatric disorders. Chronic exposure to pesticides reduces your ability to make B vitamins and increases your requirement.

Weekly Health Quiz: Ginger, Fitness and Energy

week 37 health quiz
Take this week's quiz to see how well you remember what you read on Mercola.com last week.
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