Your How-To Guide for Growing Astragalus

Your How-To Guide for Growing Astragalus
This little known medicinal plant helps erase stress and is a godsend for your immune system, helping fight colds, flu, infections, allergies and more serious conditions. Grow it yourself, and make it into an oil, tincture, tea, or add to chicken broth for a nearly unrivaled medicinal kick.

Chia Is Easy to Grow

Chia Is Easy to Grow
Chia plants and seeds have a long history of use and continue to be embraced as a superfood by people who appreciate them for their high levels of healthy omega-3s, dietary fiber and protein. Chia seeds are among the easiest herbs to grow or sprout.

Suicide Is on the Rise — Know the Warning Signs, and How to Help

Suicide Is on the Rise — Know the Warning Signs, and How to Help
Even those closest to them were stunned, not realizing there was a life-or-death struggle raging within till the worst happened. Sadly, this problem reaches even kids as young as 10. So it's urgent that you know the 12 warning signs of suicide and how to respond immediately.

Here's How Alcohol Can Increase Your Risk for Alzheimer's

alcohol increases alzheimers
People who drink heavily or binge drink may be increasing their risk of Alzheimer's disease via a newly uncovered mechanism. A study on rat immune system cells in the brain revealed alcohol may disrupt an important process your body uses to clear amyloid beta, a contributing factor to the disease, from your brain.

The Wasabi You're Eating May Not Be Real Wasabi

Fresh Wasabi
If you're fond of Japanese cuisine, then you've probably tried wasabi at one point. It has a spicy taste and a powerful aroma that you won't find anywhere else. But chances are the wasabi you know is only an imitation of real wasabi. Here's what to remember when looking for authentic wasabi.

Chemotherapy Is Losing Its Luster

chemotherapy side effects
Survival rate found to be nearly identical whether you accept or reject this controversial treatment. And it actually hastens death if you're already severely ill. Plus a decade-old study shows an appallingly low 2 percent survival rate overall. So should you stand up to your doctor on this?

Removing Your Tonsils Is a Bad Idea

tonsil removal
Research reveals a common childhood surgery may increase risk of chronic respiratory conditions. However, partial removal may reduce this risk and improve postoperative pain, bleeding and analgesic use in children and adults.

Even Small Mixtures of Chemicals Damage Your Liver

chemicals in foods
Research demonstrates what you may already have suspected - small amounts of 'safe' levels of chemicals each day can trigger liver damage and a larger waistline. I'll share strategies to support your liver and help avoid ingesting toxic chemicals.

Monsanto, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

Monsanto, You Can Run But You Can’t Hide
The handwriting is on the wall - get ready to see even lower-quality foods and price increases over the next 3 to 12 months thanks to this latest event, which should have been stopped in its tracks. Your support is needed to help us strike back.

Polluting Pigs Part III

animal waste lagoon
Amid mounting lawsuits that concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) have ruined the lives of their neighbors comes a report that toxic pollutants in CAFO waste lagoons are far higher than reported. An investigation revealed far higher levels of toxins compared to what the CAFOs reported.
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