Sugar Coated — How the Sugar Industry Managed to Dupe the World for Decades

Sugar Coated — How the Sugar Industry Managed to Dupe the World for Decades
These food purveyors love to assault you with deceptive studies. But if you eat what they serve, you should prepare for a radically shortened life, as it's linked to a 2 to 3 times heart disease death risk, plus uncontrollable cravings and more. Instead, embrace these 9 life-saving tips.

Calamity Jill: Off-Grid Living Inspiration

Calamity Jill: Off-Grid Living Inspiration
Living off-grid may be enticing as you’re faced with rising prices, pesticide-laden foods and nutrient-sparse eggs and dairy products. While Jill Redwood has made extreme choices, I’ll share how you can move toward an off-grid lifestyle.

What You Need to Know About Sassafras Tea

sassafras tree leaves
Sassafras root has been the subject of numerous debates due to its alleged effects on the human body, not all of which are good. However, sassafras tea, if taken in moderation, may actually help alleviate numerous body conditions. Here's what you need to know before drinking this tea.

The Healing Benefits of Saffron and How to Grow It

The Healing Benefits of Saffron and How to Grow It
A whopping 90 percent of the world's supply is grown in fields across Iran and is mostly harvested by women who earn about $5 per day picking the fragile, sparse threads by hand. A prized herb for cooking and healing, it's often adulterated with cheaper look-alike ingredients. Find out the ideal conditions for growing it yourself.

Skullcap: A Restorative, Relaxing Herb

american skullcap
Skullcap is a perennial herbal plant that’s part of the mint family. Prized for centuries for its calming, anxiety-relieving properties, this easy-to-grow herb can be taken as a soothing tea, made into a muscle-relaxing massage oil or used as a tincture for even more powerful relief.

This Common Drug Combo Raises Your Risk of Lethal Overdose Fivefold

combination of opioids and benzos
Make no mistake about it - this is your No. 1 risk of death if you're under 50. And combined, they're like poison, increasing your risk of a deadly overdose fivefold within the first 90 days. Don't trust your doctor blindly, or you could end up as collateral damage.

Maintaining Healthy Eyesight Can Help Keep Your Brain in Shape

healthy eyesight
Declines in vision can be a sign of trouble in your brain, to the extent that maintaining good vision may help you stave off future cognitive decline. While vision problems and cognitive impairment are both all-too-common among elderly people, they're not inevitable.

All About Atlas Cedar Oil

atlas cedar oil
From medicinal to skin care advantages, atlas cedar is an essential oil that you can count on. Its fragrance also brings mind-calming benefits - perfect during stressful days. Discover the other ways you can use this herbal oil.

Ditching Nature in Favor of Fake Food Is Not the Solution to Destructive Factory Farming

lab-grown meat
It's far riskier and less ecofriendly than you're being told, worse than factory farmed meats. But that's not what you're being told. They even boast of its GE components (and call them safe). Plus it's more energy-intensive to produce. Here's what to embrace instead, for many reasons.

Why the New Nicotine Is Super Addictive

Smoking cigarettes is now passé, it seems, which is a good thing. But e-cigarettes have become all the rage. One company has taken the concept to a new level with an experience that rivals the real thing — probably because it delivers around the same amount of nicotine as cigarettes. But why do experts call them scary?
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