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Mercola.com is World's Most Visited Natural Health Site

There are many tens of thousands of health websites, so why is Mercola.com the #1 most visited natural health website of them all - and one of the world's most visited of all health websites in any health category?

Why Mercola.com is your #1 Natural Health News Source

  1. Over One Million Subscribers -- including tens of thousands of health professionals -- read and trust the Mercola.com "eHealthy News You Can Use" e-newsletter -- and that number is growing by an average of 1,000 subscribers per day! Why? Because:

    • You don't have time to sift through the 200 medical studies that come out each week, but if you want to live longer & healthier you deserve to know which studies matter to your personal health, and why and how. The Mercola.com e-newsletter does the work for you, providing the key insights you need to know!

    • You want all the insights on how medical and dietary research pertains to you personally -- in a straightforward manner that makes sense, without scientific jargon or fluff -- and with the Mercola.com "eHealthy News You Can Use" e-newsletter that's exactly what you get

    • You'll get important dietary advice in my newsletter long before you can find it anywhere else. I have been a physician for over two decades, with extensive education and experience in natural, conventional and alternative health, and in that time I've built a reputation as one of the leading diet and nutrition experts in the nation. You'll get this insight free!

    • You also get original health & wellness articles from a wide variety of other leading health professionals in all fields, such as women's health, chiropractic, exercise and beyond; these are the top experts in their fields providing highly useful information you won't see anywhere else

    • Even with all of the above, your Mercola.com "eHealthy News You Can Use" e-newsletter subscription is FREE

  2. Millions of people daily visit Mercola.com to search from over 300,000 pages of information for proven and practical solutions to their health and wellness concerns. Why? Because:

    • Mercola.com contains over 300,000 pages of health & wellness information on every medical topic -- and using our powerful search engine the answers to your health questions are simple to find!
    • Mercola.com does NOT accept any third-party advertising or sponsorship, and I am in no way tied into any pharmaceutical company or any other corporate "interest" whatsoever. So you get the real inside scoop on health issues, with practical advice that matters to you untainted by outside influence!
    • The health and medical information is provided first-hand by experienced, credentialed professional experts. The articles are either created by me, Dr. Mercola, or by other physicians or health professionals and reviewed by me. I have been a physician for over twenty years with a long list of accomplishments that I invite you to read about in My Qualifications.
    • In a world overflowing with tens of thousands of "health" foods, supplements, gadgets, books and more, people are understandably confused as to which (very few) such products are truly worthwhile and deliver true health value. Only after careful review and with your health in mind (and again without any outside influence), you'll find reviews and insights for only the top-recommended health products that can truly help you. Those that may be difficult for some to find are offered in the "Most Popular Products" area.


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