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Learn the Secrets of a Powerful Healing Tool to Transform Your Health

Dr. Mercola's EFT
on DVD
3 Disc DVD Set
Order Now Only $99.00

Many people bar themselves from health, healing and happiness by allowing negative emotions to linger and grow inside. They don't understand that emotional well-being is essential to physical health, or the medical establishment has conned them into believing they must shell out thousands of dollars for conventional psychological care.

Well, there is hope. There is a better solution. It's psychological acupressure, an inexpensive, simpler and proven way to eliminate the negative emotions barring you from a full and healthy life. And the Emotional Freedom Technique is the most powerful form of this technique available.

EFT Can Help You:

  • Relieve most emotional traumas
  • Abolish phobias and post-traumatic stress
  • Shatter food cravings that sabotage your health
  • Eliminate or significantly reduce most physical pain and discomfort

And in my EFT DVD series, I will teach you, through in-depth discussions and demonstrations, how to use this wonderful therapy to improve your emotional state, and your life.

My original EFT video series was highly acclaimed for its comprehensive approach to the therapy. In this DVDseries, I incorporate all of the essential elements from the original tapes, but then add much more, based on my expanded insight into EFT and what I've witnessed in administering the therapy.

The EFT DVD/VHS Series Provides:

  • Expanded introduction offering my most recent insights
  • Compelling three-hour nutrition presentation offering you specific knowledge on how to eat properly. Many have said this presentation alone is worth the price; you are sure to discover plenty of pearls to improve your health, too.
  • Detailed demonstration of how I juice and prepare my own lunch.
  • Comprehensive 45-minute conclusion that expands on how to implement positive goals in your life.

I have offered many workshops and seminars on EFT, and they've been very effective at teaching participants how to use this powerful tool. I understand, though, that such seminars are inconvenient and expensive for most people.

To provide everyone with the benefits of EFT, therefore, I am offering this DVD series -- and I have decided to keep the digitally enhanced DVD version at the same low price of the original, just $99 (plus shipping.) The series will allow you to learn in the privacy of our own home, at a pace most comfortable for you. And you can return to series as often as you choose to perfect the techniques and knowledge.

For more insight into the basics of the Emotional Freedom Technique, please read my free online EFT manual. Once you learn the details and techniques and start applying them, I am certain your emotional state -- and your life -- will change for the better. I am so certain, in fact, that I offer a:

One Year, No Questions Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

If the DVD/VHS series is not for you, simply let us know and we will promptly arrange for your full refund -- no questions, no hassle.

Dr. Mercola's EFT
on VHS & DVD
3 Disc DVD Set
Order Now Only $99.00

Order Your EFT DVD or VHS Series Now

The cost is just $99, plus $10 shipping, and they come with the money-back guarantee. We accept credit card or check, and as with any product I offer, all profits from this sale will go right back into maintaining and expanding Mercola.com for you.

Order the EFT Set on 3 DVDs

Plus, Achieve the Fit, Healthy Body You Deserve With My Nutrition Plan!

My acclaimed nutrition plan comes from my decades of experience as a physician focused on the supreme importance of diet. I have spent these decades learning from my extensive research, conferring with my professional colleagues, but most of all, by successfully treating many thousands of patients. And through my advice on this website -- of which my nutrition plan is the heart -- many thousands more have achieved great success in fighting disease, losing weight, and living a healthier life.

Whether you are struggling with weight issues, facing some disease or health condition, trying to improve your body for sports and athletics, or simply seeking to optimize your already good health, I am certain that if you adhere to the recommendations found on these tapes/DVDs, they will help you achieve the healthy, happy life you so richly deserve!

Dr. Mercola's EFT
& Eating Plan
on DVD
5 Disc DVD Set
Order Now Only $148.00

Order Your EFT/Eating Plan DVD or VHS Series Now!

Now, if you order my EFT DVD  Series -- you can also get my Eating Plan Seminar. This exclusive offer includes my original EFT Series plus my Eating Plan Series on a 5 DVD Set for just $148.

This Eating Plan on DVD or Video is the most comprehensive insight you'll find anywhere on my plan. And again, I am so convinced this information will change your life for the better that, if you are not completely satisfied, the DVDs come with a no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Learn more about my Eating Plan ...


Order the EFT/Eating Plan Set on 5 DVDs

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