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Your Comprehensive Guide to Treating and Overcoming Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which your body starts destroying itself. It can be a devastating disease that can certainly destroy your health.

Of course, the U.S. "health" care system has evolved to one that focuses on using drugs and surgery as its primary treatment tool. This works exceptionally well for some diseases -- like acute trauma -- but for other diseases, especially autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, it is an abysmal failure.

I have personally treated over 3,000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis in my practice, which is well more than 10 times the amount a typical family physician would treat in their entire career. So I have a fair amount of experience here.

The treatment protocol I used is available for all to review. It involves the following

Lifestyle Changes

  • Improving your diet using a combination of my nutritional guidelines and nutritional typing. There are some general principles that seem to hold true for all nutritional types and these include:

  • Eliminating sugar and most grains

  • Having unprocessed, high-quality foods, organic and locally grown if possible

  • Eating your food as close to raw as possible

  • Getting plenty high-quality animal-based omega-3 fats, such as krill oil

  • Incorporating regular exercise into your daily schedule.

Address Emotional Trauma

  • Having an effective method to address the nearly universal underlying emotional distresses that are present in virtually all autoimmune diseases like RA.

The emotional trauma typically occurs before the age the conscious mind is formed, which is typically around the age of 5 or 6, though it can occur at any point in your life.

If that specific emotional insult is not addressed with an effective treatment modality, then the underlying emotional trigger will not be removed, allowing the destructive process to proceed.

In some cases, RA appears to be caused by an infection, and it is my experience that this infection is usually acquired when you have a stressful event that causes a disruption in your bioelectrical circuits, which then causes an impairment in your immune system.

This impairment predisposes you to developing the initial infection and also contributes to your relative inability to effectively defeat the infection.

Therefore, it’s very important to have an effective tool to address these underlying emotional traumas. In my practice, the most common form of treatment used is called the Meridian Tapping Technique (MTT).

If you already have RA, the emotional trauma is best treated by a professional.

Resolve Vitamin D Deficiency

  • Getting your vitamin D levels checked and, if necessary, taking a supplement if you can't get daily sun exposure. In the thousands of patients I saw it was unusual where a severe vitamin D deficiency was not present.

In my book it is virtual criminal malpractice to treat a person with RA and not aggressively monitor their vitamin D levels to confirm that they are in a therapeutic range of 55-65 ng/ml.

Other Considerations

One new addition to the protocol is low-dose Naltrexone, which I would encourage anyone with RA to try. It is inexpensive and non-toxic, and I have a number of physician reports documenting incredible efficacy in getting people off of all their dangerous arthritis meds.

Please read through the articles below to gain in-depth knowledge on all aspects of what rheumatoid arthritis is, from diagnosis to success stories and in between.


Treating RA the Natural Way


Physicians' Protocol For Using Antibiotics in Rheumatic Disease
This is my protocol for treating rheumatoid arthritis. A recommended read for anyone with the disease.

Helpful Tools for Rheumatoid Arthritis
I have treated nearly 3,000 patients with rheumatoid arthritis over the last 15 years. My new diet modifications combined with NST are nothing short of spectacular for turning this crippling disease around in most patients.

Simple Secrets to Reverse Rheumatoid Arthritis
American experts are clueless about how to treat this devastating disease. Learn my effective recommendations that truly work.

Seven Ways to Protect Your Heart With Anti-Inflammatory Alternatives
You can leave your anti-inflammatory drugs behind with these seven herbal alternatives that can relieve pain without harmful side effects.

Exercise Benefits For You
Read my updated comments on exercise. Find out what kind of exercises aid in the fight against degenerative illnesses and discover the other natural alternatives to relying on drugs and surgery.

Human Proof--Cod Liver Oil Can Slow, or Even Reverse, the Onset of Arthritis
Cod liver oil is helpful in slowing, and even reversing, the destruction of joint cartilage in patients suffering from osteoarthritis. Here is another reason why people should be using cod liver oil.

How to Virtually Eliminate Your Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis or MS
Research now suggests that a higher intake of vitamin D may be associated with a lower risk of rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis in women. Find out the proper test to request when having your vitamin D levels tested.

The Wonderful Benefits of Bee Venom on RA
As odd as it may sound, bee venom may actually be helpful in treating patients suffering from tendonitis, chronic back pain and rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Nutritional Typing:
Your Secret Weapon Against RA

Individualizing your diet with nutritional typing principles is an absolutely amazing way to improve the results of treating RA. This disease is an autoimmune disease, which means it is thought to occur when the body's immune system turns against itself.

That is why it is extremely important to take care of your body and make sure you are eating the right foods according to my plan.

You can learn your specific type now by taking my free online nutritional type test.

Once you determine your unique nutritional type, you can treat RA by incorporating an optimized, individualized nutrition plan into your life.

Fish Oil More Useful for Treating Inflammation Than Flax Seed Oil
Studies show that all omega-3 fats have anti-inflammatory properties, but the kinds found in fish oil, EPA and DHA, provide far more benefit in fighting immune diseases and inflammation than the omega-3 fat ALA found in flax seed oil.

Doctors Debate Over Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy
Rheumatologists and hand surgeons disagree on how to treat rheumatoid arthritis. Find out why neither group has the best answer.

Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis With Tumor Necrosis Factor Doesn't Make Sense
Tumor Necrosis Factor costs over $10,000 a year and does not solve the problem. Read about less expensive options that work.

Spirituality Linked to Better Health in Arthritis
Spirituality has been shown to help strengthen those who have arthritis, as well as many other chronic diseases.

Spirituality May Help Relieve Pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis
Patients who use religion or spirituality to cope with the chronic pain of rheumatoid arthritis can reduce their pain and boost their sense of well-being.


Drug Dangers Surround RA


Vioxx Reapproved by FDA Panel Members With Ties to Drug Companies
How could the FDA get away with such blatant conflict of interest? Ten of the 32 FDA panel members who voted to bring Vioxx back to the market, had financial ties to the drugs' makers.

Drug Giant Admits Another Arthritis Painkiller Increases Heart Risks
Find out how to treat your arthritis pain without having to depend on these dangerous painkillers.

Another Painful Reason to Avoid Rheumatoid Drugs
Patients using drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis are merely swapping one health concern for another. Find out what new side effect has emerged from these drugs.

RA Drug Link to Blood Cancer Found
The 2.1 million people in the United States affected by rheumatoid arthritis may be putting their health at risk by taking the arthritis drug, Remicade.

Vioxx Increases Heart Attacks 50 Percent: FDA Study
Patients who take the arthritis drug Vioxx are at 50 percent higher risk of having a heart attack than those taking its competitor, Celebrex.

Arthritis Drug Linked to Heart Failure
Taking the popular arthritis drug Vioxx might jeopardize your health and increase your risk of congestive heart failure.

Combination RA Drug Therapy Offers No Long-Term Benefits
Rheumatoid arthritis drugs used in combination offer no more long-term benefits than single-drug therapy. Fortunately, there are alternatives to drugs for patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Arthritis Drug May Worsen Congestive Heart Failure
Arthritis drug Enbrel may actually worsen congestive heart failure. This expensive drug for rheumatoid arthritis is loaded with side effects.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Drugs Linked to Lymphoma
A class of rheumatoid arthritis drugs may increase risk of lymphoma, a blood cancer, in treated patients. Find out some effective therapies that treat this disease without the use of drugs.

Liver Problems Linked to Arthritis Drug
The first new treatment for rheumatoid arthritis in more than 10 years, Arava, has been linked to severe liver reactions in patients.

Illegal Methods Used for Marketing Arthritis Drug
Remicade costs nearly $20,000 a year and is being illegally promoted while most of the conventional medical community turns its back on less expensive, non-toxic options that have put tens of thousands into remission.

Methotrexate Users Need to be on Folic Acid
Methotrexate, a drug commonly prescribed to combat the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, is known to have toxic side effects. Folate is a recommended supplement to reduce the toxicity, allowing patients to continue their treatment for longer periods of time.

Drug Company Denies Harvard Rheumatoid Arthritis Researcher
Major conflict of interest prevents Wyeth from providing newly acquired Minocin, as it might hurt the sales of another of their drugs, Enbrel. Clearly shows that they are far more interested in market share then in public well-being.


Success! Personal Stories of RA Triumphs


One Man's Triumph Over Raynaud's Syndrome, Lupus and RA with Dietary Changes
Read the inspiring story of a patient who was able to overcome rheumatoid arthritis (RA), lupus, Raynaud's Syndrome and chronic fatigue by following our program. He refused to accept traditional doctors who said that there was no cure, and he is certainly glad that he did.

Amazing Recovery From Dermatomyositis, a Rheumatoid-Arthritis-Like Disease
Read the story of one of my patients who used nutrition and EFT to restore her health and recover from dermatomyositis, a disease with many similarities to rheumatoid arthritis.

New Improvement to Rheumatoid Arthritis Protocol
This patient had scleroderma and had been going downhill quickly prior to coming to our center, but within a matter of weeks had dramatic improvement.

If You Have Rheumatoid Arthritis You Need to Consider NST
This is a letter we received from one of our long-standing rheumatoid arthritis patients who had been on the antibiotic protocol for many months and was at a plateau for pain reduction.


Diet Influences RA, Too


Vitamin-C-Rich Foods Reduce Arthritis Risk
Eating foods rich in vitamin C has been found to protect against one form of rheumatoid arthritis that affects two or more joints. Learn more about the good things vitamin C can do for you.

Carbohydrates Contribute to Arthritis
Researchers may have discovered a link between glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and rheumatoid arthritis.

Heavy Coffee Drinking May Raise Rheumatoid Arthritis Risk
People who drink four or more cups of coffee per day may be increasing their risk of developing this type of arthritis.

Olive Oil, Cooked Vegetables May Reduce Arthritis Risk
My impression as to why this may occur, and some practical alternatives that may be even better than olive oil.


RA Facts and Figures


At Least One-Quarter of Americans Have Arthritis
This disease is affecting huge numbers of people, taking both a physical and financial toll, but there are ways to effectively resolve this illness.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Increases Risk of Death
People over 40 years of age with rheumatoid arthritis are more likely to die from any cause than others in the same age group. Find out my recommendations for rheumatoid arthritis, which have been remarkably successful.

Silent Heart Attacks, Sudden Cardiac Deaths Common for RA Patients
If you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis then you may also be suffering from silent, frequently unrecognized heart attacks. Learn how to treat the underlying cause of this devastating disease with natural health solutions.

40 Million Arthritics Pay $100 Billion Every Year in U.S.
Americans are shelling out billions of dollars to treat arthritis and other rheumatic conditions. If you or someone you know is facing one of these conditions, don't miss my recommendations that could help you achieve better health--and save you money.

Finally, an Explanation Why Autoimmune Disease Worsens After Pregnancy
Women who suffer from autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis may find relief during pregnancy but their symptoms may become even worse after they give birth.

Identification of Mycoplasma in Synovial Fluid of Arthritis Patients
For many years, mycoplasma fermentans has been suspected of being associated with rheumatoid arthritis, but it may be associated with other forms of arthritis as well.

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