Mercury Awareness Week

Loneliness More Hazardous to Your Health Than Obesity or Smoking

Loneliness More Hazardous to Your Health Than Obesity or Smoking
New 300,000-person study proves it boosts risk of premature death by 50 percent - comparable to death risk of obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. It's reaching epidemic proportions, yet most people consider it irrelevant. Watch out: This innocent gaffe can prove quite deadly.

Insurance and Government Block the Transition to Mercury-Free Dentistry

mercury fillings
Despite the majority of consumers expressing a preference for mercury-free dentistry, many dental insurance companies and government programs still promote the use of toxic mercury fillings. Now you can take a stand and demand your right to choose mercury-free dentistry.

Learn About Lovage Oil's Benefits Today

lovage herb
If you're experiencing muscle, joint and/or circulation problems, you might want to try using lovage oil. Its well-documented therapeutic properties are a major advantage for your health.

The Problem With Organic Hydroponics

organic hydroponics
Organic rules require foods be grown a certain way. So don't be fooled by this label - or the food's reputation as pure. They can be worse than conventionally grown foods. And their advocacy for lax standards is the brainchild of the traitors who brought you the DARK Act. Beware.

Is Chronic Fatigue Real?

chronic fatigue
Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating condition affecting up to 2.5 million Americans. Recent research found biomarkers associated with the severity of the disease, demonstrating concrete evidence it exists. I'll give you multiple strategies to support your health and help reduce your symptoms.

New Research Reveals Why Avoiding Tuna Is Still a Good Idea

tuna mercury levels
While tuna is a source of animal-based omega-3 fats needed for optimal health, this species also tends to be highly contaminated. Recent research shows some may contain up to 36 times more toxins than others, depending on where it is harvested. I'll give you strategies to safely optimize your omega-3.

This Common Product Is Poisoning the Next Generation

FDA mercury poisoning
A couple of years ago, the FDA had the nerve to claim that under the EU system, the public is being used as guinea pigs - and that we don't use our people as guinea pigs in the US. It turns out the exact opposite is true. Here's the untold facts.

1 Out of 12 Doctors Collecting Bonuses for Pushing Opioids

opioid-related payments to physicians
While the US struggles in the grip of an opioid epidemic that kills 91 Americans each day, drug companies are making opioid-related payments to physicians. Family physicians received the most payments, which may be a factor in why so many people are inappropriately prescribed these deadly drugs for chronic pain.

Flame Retardants Damaging Kids' Brains

flame retardants affect kids iq
Exposure to flame retardants around the time of conception, in utero or during childhood is associated with lower intelligence among children. Greater exposures to these neurotoxic chemicals are associated with decreases in IQ, amounting to 'millions of IQ points lost' among US kids.

Controversy Over Fake Meat Burger Heats Up as Documents Reveal FDA Safety Concerns

Controversy Over Fake Meat Burger Heats Up as Documents Reveal FDA Safety Concerns
There's a reason the FDA has their doubts - its competitor has triggered all sorts of problems from nausea to cramps, diarrhea, vomiting and even death. Please be careful, just because Bill Gates is investing in it, it doesn't mean it's good for you.
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