Dr. Mercola's 30 Day Resolution Guide

Grounding — A Simple, Pleasurable Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease

Grounding — A Simple, Pleasurable Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease
Zero cost and works better than supplements - it's hard to believe reducing chronic pain, muscle stiffness, inflammation and stress levels, while thinning your blood and slashing your heart disease risk, can be as easy as this.

Is it Normal for Joints to Pop, Creak and Crack?

cracking joints
Joints that crack, creak, pop or snap are generally considered to be a normal part of your body’s response to everyday activities. But certain signs and symptoms are cause for concern.

Burn Fat for Fuel

Burn Fat for Fuel
Not only does it do the opposite of what is promised, decreasing your energy reserves, you also become vulnerable to tumors, heart disease, diabetes and neurodegenerative decay. Millions may have been hoodwinked, but you don't have to be a victim.

Nonsurgical Relief for Bunions

Nonsurgical Relief for Bunions
Healthy feet provide stability to your entire body, but if you suffer from bunions, you may suffer from the inflammation and pain commonly associated with that condition. Before you have surgery, you may want to consider natural alternatives such as curcumin and foot exercises.

Get Proper Sleep Nightly

how to get a good night sleep
The emerging evidence is clear and compelling. This one factor regulates everything from your metabolism to mood. Even controls half your genes. Ignore it, and you lay out the red carpet for disease - stimulating food cravings, diabetes, depression, tumors and more.

Depression Not Caused by Chemical Imbalance

The widely held belief that depression is due to low levels of serotonin or other chemicals in your brain is only a theory - one that's been largely disproven. Antidepressants targeting the chemical imbalance theory remain the go-to treatment for this condition nonetheless, doing those suffering a great and dangerous disservice.

Your Ultimate Guide to Optimal Fitness

fitness plan
Explore our Fitness Plan pages to find out how you can achieve optimal health with the right workout routine.

Friendly Users Guide for the Timing of Nutritional Supplements

when to take supplements
Taking your supplements at the right time, with or without food, before or after exercise can all make a difference in their effectiveness. For example, one timing mistake can actually decrease your insulin sensitivity and hamper your body's ability to fend off destructive free radicals.

How Alcohol Damages Your DNA

drinking alcohol
Alcohol has known dangerous effects on your liver, brain and heart. The World Health Organization IARC has classified alcohol as a Group 1 carcinogen. Research now demonstrates what triggers the damage to your cells.

Eat Your Way to Good Health With These Delicious Recipes

healthy recipes
Check out our Healthy Recipes directory for nutritious and delicious meal ideas that you can recreate at home.
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