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Do Fidget Spinners Help Anxiety and ADHD? Experts Are Skeptical

fidget spinners
Fidget spinners have taken off as the latest go-to gadget among kids, in part due to claims that they relieve stress and increase focus, which is useful for those with ADHD, autism and anxiety. Controversy has quickly ensued among those who believe fidget spinners may be more of a distraction than a source of relief.

Yarrow Oil: Here's Why It Deserves a Place in Your First-Aid Kit

yarrow plant
The healing properties of yarrow oil are certainly extraordinary, as it can be used to ease wounds, burns and rashes - but that's not all. As long as you know how to use it properly, you'll definitely get a lot more from this essential oil. Discover all the interesting uses of yarrow oil in this article.

Heartburn Drugs Increase Mortality — How to Safely Address Indigestion

heartburn remedies
Seems like quick relief, but comes with endless problems. Promotes pathogens like H. pylori, C. difficile and campylobacter. Raises your heart attack risk even without prior history. Leads to bad cognitive symptoms and dementia in just one week of use. Worth it? Avoid this like the plague.

Sugar During Pregnancy Linked to Allergies

sugar during pregnancy linked to asthma
Sugar has a profound effect on your health and the health of your unborn child. Recent research discovered eating sugar during pregnancy increases your child's risk of asthma and allergies. I'll give you strategies to reduce your sugar intake and curb sweet cravings.

Are There Cheaper Alternatives to Hearing Aids?

hearing aid
Nearly 48 million Americans have some hearing loss but only 20 percent wear hearing aids. The cost of hearing aids may be up to $5,000, but isn't covered by Medicare or many private insurance companies. I'll give you several strategies to protect and support your hearing, and over-the-counter options that may help if your hearing is less than perfect.

More Details Emerge in Organic Dairy Fraud

fraud organic dairy
If you buy organic dairy, you should know that not all organic brands are created equal. While some are offering truly superior milk that comes from grass fed cows raised on pasture, others are passing off industrially produced milk as organic - and pocketing the increased profits while small family farms struggle to survive.

A Million Bottles Per Minute

A Million Bottles Per Minute
Our throwaway society has gotten so out of control that we're purchasing 1 million plastic bottles worldwide every minute, mostly for bottled water. Meanwhile, single-use plastic utensils and straws are polluting our oceans and their inhabitants including the seafood that humans eat. A simple solution - forgo the use of single-use plastics - exists, but increasing awareness is key for it to catch on.

Which Foods Are Best for Your Heart Health?

Which Foods Are Best for Your Heart Health?
Studies have shown it can lower systolic blood pressure by more than 8 points - far more than most blood pressure medications. Has the same effect as prescription nitrates, used to treat angina and congestive heart failure - but without the side effects.

Benefits of Taro

Benefits of Taro
Like an odd-looking potato, taro is one of the oldest foods on the planet. While crops like wheat and rice have pushed out taro production, a new resurgence in interest is bringing it back, which is crucial for the metabolic-related health epidemic in areas where native foods once kept populations healthy.

Vitamin D3 Versus D2

vitamin d3 vs d2
Experts in health and retail sectors are sitting up and taking notice after a new study asserted that current thinking - and governmental recommendations - would be 'revolutionized' regarding vitamin D2 and D3 levels. Once thought to be virtually the same, the study showed one to be twice as effective as the other.
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