Hay House Fat for Fuel

New CDC Director Supports Soda Industry Science

cdc director supports soda industry
Your wellbeing is extremely vulnerable to this issue. So much so, it could be the single most important health decision you make today. Yet, deep pockets quietly work to snatch your life away by luring you into this potent health trap - which then makes them even richer.

Chemotherapy Spreading Cancer

cancer chemotherapy
Women with breast cancer often receive chemotherapy prior to surgery in order to shrink tumors, but doing so has been shown to increase the likelihood that the cancer may metastasize, or spread into other areas of the body. Ironically - and tragically - this could end up increasing a woman's risk of dying from the disease.

Can This Deer Disease Be Transmitted to Humans?

chronic wasting disease
Chronic wasting disease, a mad-cow-like disease that infects deer, elk and moose, has long been said to not be transmittable to humans. New research in macaque monkeys suggests otherwise, however, providing evidence that the disease may be transmitted via contaminated meat.

Coffee Leads to Longer Life

coffee benefits
Once again, studies have found that drinking coffee is good for you and in several ways, including by beneficially impacting disease in your body and even your risk of death. What you put in your coffee, from conventional milk to fake creamers, can make it bad for you, but more studies show a much better option: MCT oil.

Strawberry Compound a Key to Good Memory

strawberry compound fisetin
More research is emerging about a little-known compound called fisetin, shown to have multiple disease-negating effects throughout your body, especially in your brain. Strawberries contain more fisetin than any other fruit, but they also top the 'Dirty Dozen' list of most pesticide-ridden produce. How can you get around that?

How a Fasting-Mimicking Diet Can Help You Live Longer

How a Fasting-Mimicking Diet Can Help You Live Longer
Guess what one of the best strategies to lower premature death is? It's like an iron shield for your mitochondria, helps you drop abdominal flab, boosts stem cell production and keeps cancer at bay. Plus, it lowers inflammation, a key factor in all chronic disease. Are you doing it?

Spicy Rainbow Pasta With All-Veggie Noodles

Spicy Rainbow Pasta
Ditch your wheat-based pasta noodles and substitute them with vegetables for a healthier meal. This recipe shows you exactly how to make healthy and delicious pasta using vegetables and various spices.

Why Chili Peppers and Spicy Foods Trigger Hiccups

why spicy food cause hiccups
Spicy foods are common fare in Central America, Asia and India. The chemical responsible for the heat in chili peppers may trigger hiccups, but also helps support good health and may help your body fight some cancers. I'll give you strategies to control the hiccups spicy foods may trigger.

How to Grow Carrots in Colors of the Rainbow

How to Grow Carrots in Colors of the Rainbow
Your body cannot manufacture this eye-protecting nutrient, so you have to get it from your food, and this contains some of the highest levels you'll find. Just chop up a half cup of this, and you'll get 210 percent of the average recommended amount. Begin now, before it's too late.

Garden Know-How: Extend Your Growing Season

Can you imagine harvesting crisp, buttery lettuce out of your own garden to enjoy in March, or luscious, red tomatoes in early June? Even if you live in one of the cooler plant hardiness zones, the solar energy created by simple DIY projects can get you a jump on the season by as much as six weeks.
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