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Take Control of Your Health

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Today's Biggest Challenge: How to Be Healthy

Have you ever struggled with maintaining good health or normal weight? With today’s growing processed food industry and conventional healthcare system, optimizing your health has become a challenge for many people.

Foods marketed to you may be putting you and your family at risk for health problems. Majority of food products sold in groceries are loaded with sugar, processed fats, and chemical additives, and are devoid of proper nutrition. Combine this with a hectic schedule and a sedentary lifestyle, and you’ve got a recipe for less-than-optimal health.

Rates of obesity and problems related to poor metabolism, like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease have also risen in the United States, which will prompt any person to seek medical help.

But the question is: will conventional healthcare really put you on the right track to good health?

Healthcare in the United States: Good or Bad for You?

healthcare in the USA
In 2006, the United States spent over two trillion dollars on “healthcare” alone. However, majority of the money spent for it had absolutely nothing to do with disease prevention. Instead, our current healthcare model dictates that for every sickness, there’s a corresponding drug or surgical procedure.

This Band-Aid approach does nothing to treat any condition you may experience. It can only remedy symptoms of a certain disease and predispose you to even more health problems. In fact, our flawed medical system has become one of the leading causes of death in America.

Fortunately, there are many ways to uphold your health without the use of a pill – and the first step is to take responsibility for your own health.

The First Step to Sound Health

I used to be a part of the conventional medical system, prescribing medications and conventional treatment in order to treat disease. However, I experienced firsthand that this method did not treat the underlying cause of disease nor optimize my patients’ health. That’s when I decided to switch to homeopathic solutions to help people overcome their health struggles.

healthy foods

Looking for alternative ways to promote wellness and longevity taught me how to take control of my own health. While I am older now, I feel like I’m in my prime. And I’m here to show you how to be healthy without any diet hypes or workout crazes – just plain lifestyle choices that will support your overall health.

But first…

Always remember that your body has the capacity for self-healing, as long as you provide it with the necessary building blocks and environment. This all starts with a healthy lifestyle, particularly optimal dietary choices.

Whether you have a health condition or not, consuming the right foods can have a positive impact on your health. Throughout my practice and experiences, I have seen the phenomenal effect that a wholesome diet has on diseases. It is my belief that most health problems, including digestive disorders, emerged when we moved away from the eating and lifestyle habits of our ancestors, which involve fresh whole foods and intermittent movement.

However, as I’ve previously mentioned, optimal wellness has become difficult especially in the US because consumers are constantly manipulated by the food and pharmaceutical industry. That is why I wrote my book Take Control of Your Health. It provides a complete guide on how to get healthy and stay that way.

Take Control! Arm Yourself with Useful Health Information That Works

Take Control Of Your Health

Take Control of Your Health is not a diet program -- it’s a reference book that will revolutionize the way you view and eat food. My comprehensive guide will show you:

  • Why other diets simply won’t work for you. Discover why you must follow a diet plan that actually suits your unique biochemistry — and not the “one-size-fits-all” diet approach that most physicians recommend.
  • What foods are responsible for obesity and majority of all diseases known to man. Eliminate these foods from your diet now!
  • The truth about fat. Fat is often touted as a villain, but my book will show you why consuming the right types of fat is actually good for your health.
  • How to eat more vegetables… and love them, too! Not many people enjoy green leafy vegetables, which are rich in the nutrients your body needs. I will share with you a simple trick to make vegetables more palatable so you can eat more.
  • The only beverage you should be drinking to promote optimal health.
  • Why soy, artificial sweeteners, and GMOs should be avoided like the plague. Advertised as healthy and safe by health groups and the media, these foods are actually dangerous.

Take Control of Your Health is not only about following the right diet. It also focuses on other aspects of health you should be paying attention to, such as:

  • Exercise and how it can complement your diet
  • Sleep and how it does wonders for wellness
  • Your emotional health and how to deal with stress
  • The power of sunlight and how it affects your immune system
  • Vaccinations and what you should know before you decide to get them
  • Personal care products and their hidden dangers

I also added 7 common health myths that may be keeping you from taking control of your health.

This Book Can Save You Thousands of Dollars in Healthcare

By improving your lifestyle through my Take Control of Your Health program, you can prevent disease, maintain your ideal weight, and learn how to stay healthy without spending on “health” foods, exercise equipment, supplements, and expensive medical procedures.

As your health starts to improve, you won’t need to go to your doctor as much.  You can also limit your exposure to prescription drugs that may do more harm than good to your body.

All this from one book!

So get your copy of Take Control of Your Health and discover the many ways how to be healthy without falling prey to the health traps of the American healthcare and food industries.

Take Control of Your Health
Get Your Copy of Take Control of Your Health eBook for Free!

This free eBook will show you how you can achieve optimal health, longevity, and a disease-free life through practical lifestyle choices. Just enter your email address below.


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