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Health Website Rankings: is Now World's #1!

Below is an archive of health website rankings for the given month. The ranking data is provided by

Most Visited Natural Health Content Sites - April, 2012
1. Dr. Mercola www.mercola.com1807
2. www.naturalnews.com2558
3. Marks Daily Apple www.marksdailyapple.com6823
4. Prevention www.prevention.com7588
5. Earth Clinic www.earthclinic.com11168
6. Mothering www.mothering.com12755
7. www.curezone.com14885
8. LEF www.lef.org15069
9. Dr. Weil www.drweil.com15074
10. Home Remedies for You www.home-remedies-for-you.com19128
11. Kriya Yoga www.kriyayoga.com26330
12. My Home Remedies www.myhomeremedies.com29528
13. ABC Homeopathy www.abchomeopathy.com39262
14. Organic Consumers www.organicconsumers.org47175
15. Weston A. Price Foundation www.westonaprice.org49024
16. Dr. Chopra www.chopra.com53797
17. Dr. Batras www.drbatras.com55748
18. The Homemade Medicine www.homemademedicine.com61618
19. La Leche League International www.llli.org69747
20. www.hpathy.com87079
21. Consumer Lab www.consumerlab.com89125
22. Dr. D'Adamo www.dadamo.com99802
23. Shirley's Wellness Cafe www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com101807
24. www.simple-remedies.com104893
25. Healthier Talk www.healthiertalk.com105765

Most Visited Health Content Sites - April, 2012
1. NIH www.nih.gov352
2. WebMD / MedicineNet www.webmd.com506
3. Mayo Clinic www.mayoclinic.com1295
4. www.weightwatchers.com1355
5. Dr. Mercola www.mercola.com1807
6. www.drugs.com1867
7. Everyday Health www.everydayhealth.com1946
8. Men's Health Magazine www.menshealth.com1947
9. www.naturalnews.com2558
10. MedScape www.medscape.com2617
11. CDC www.cdc.gov3259
12. eMedicine Health www.emedicinehealth.com4058
13. MedHelp www.medhelp.org4283
14. NHS Choices www.nhs.uk4455
15. Kid's Health www.kidshealth.org4594
16. World Health Organization
17. Food and Drug Adminstration www.fda.gov5947
18. NetDoctor
19. www.healthcentral.com6756
20. Marks Daily Apple www.marksdailyapple.com6823
22. Prevention www.prevention.com7588
23. Steve Pavlina www.stevepavlina.com7877
24. Medical News Today www.medicalnewstoday.com7941
25. RxList www.rxlist.com9671


Websites such as CNN and MSNBC that offer health information among many other subject areas are not included in the rankings here, as traffic to these specific areas of their sites cannot be separated from traffic to their entire site. If you believe any medical or health Website has been overlooked, please check their name at or contact us.

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