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Health Site Rankings


Below is a routinely updated ranking of the Internet's most visited health sites, grouped into 1) natural health sites, and 2) all medical/health sites. That stands so high on these lists - and our visit patterns show only a continuing surge - is, at first glance, astounding. On deeper reflection, though, it also makes perfect sense. Why?

There are thousands, even tens of thousands, of Websites pertaining, in part or whole, to human health. Some raised directly or discreetly by mega-corporations, others by small to large medical and university organizations, and many more the project of health care practitioners or entrepreneurs. Sometimes their aims have been altruistic or at least forthright, but far too often, and reflecting trends in the traditional healthcare establishment at large, their goal has been to dazzle and deceive, to continue inventing medical agendas and need through glitzy and smooth-talking sites, toward their usual underlying motive: greed. Not profit. Greed.

Some may call the rise of astounding because it has been funded entirely by Dr. Mercola, and maintained by him and his very small team. No venture capital, no paid advertisements, no silent partners. No outside "interests," in other words, pounding on a board table and demanding we skew the facts to make a few extra bucks. Also astounding because, while we're escalating our efforts to make the site more efficient and intuitive, ours is not a carnival experience: no flashing lights, funhouse mirrors, or dancing clowns. Just Dr. Mercola's expert insight on human diet and health and his advice on how to improve yourself through optimal foods and life habits, presented in a straightforward, honest manner... and without those outside "interests" whose interests really have nothing to do with your well-being.

For those reasons, the rise of is astounding. But they're exactly why our success in these rankings also makes sense. You want knowledge that can improve your health - unadorned by excess bells and whistles and unafraid to offer advice that might offend the medical establishment, but also highly reputable and presented in a way that makes sense to the real world. That is Numbers don't always tell the whole story, but our continued climb up these charts certainly suggests that the word is getting out - is about substance. It makes perfect sense.


Most Visited Natural Health Content Sites Feb 12, 2003
  Name URL Rank
1 Dr. Atkins 2,887
2 Dr. Mercola 6,540
3 Dr. Weil 8,773
4 Cure Zone 9,902
5 Health World Online 10,061
6 Life Extension Foundation 10,666
7 Prevention Magazine 17,887
8 Dr. Stoll 21,339
9 Dr. D'Adamo 38,986
10 Dr. Mirkin 40,291
11 Chet Day 42,475
12 Chiro Web 47,918
13 RedFlagsWeekly 49,757
14 Dr. Whitaker 51,135
15 La Leche League 59,032
16 Gary Craig's EFT 59,347
17 Holistic Healing 68,073
18 Dr. David Williams 69,063
19 Gary Null's Natural Living 72,134
20 Alternative Medicine 76,844
21 Dr. Chopra 81,482
22 Environmental Working Group 99,942
23 Dr. Grisanti 105,138
24 Weston A. Price Foundation 111,353

Most Visited Health Content Sites Feb 12, 2003
  Name URL Rank
1 National Institutes of Health 310
2 WebMD 513
3 Medscape 1,925
4 Dr. Atkins 2,887
5 AMA 3,105
6 Mayo Clinic 5,165
7 New England Journal of Medicine 5,217
8 Dr. Mercola 6,540
9 Health Scout 7,152
10 British Medical Journal 7,657
11 Doctor's Guide 7,768
12 Dr. Weil 8,773
13 Cure Zone 9,902
14 Health World Online 10,061
15 Life Extension Foundation 10,666


These rankings are provided by, an independent Website that provides similar rankings for all sectors of the Internet. Websites such as CNN and MSNBC that offer health information among many other subject areas are not included in the rankings here, as traffic to these specific areas of their sites cannot be separated from traffic to their entire site. If you believe any medical or health Website has been overlooked, please check their name at or contact us.

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