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‘Sweet’ Isn’t All There Is
To Aspartame and Other
Artificial Sweeteners

With the green light from the FDA and a diet-obsessed nation later, aspartame
and other artificial sweeteners have deeply penetrated mainstream diet, with throngs and throngs of believers sending the pro-diabetic, pro-health messages across.


But if you think that the sweet dust of artificial sweetener mixed into your food and drinks is safe and doesn’t carry any health risk, then you’re seriously mistaken.

Sold under the leading brands Equal and NutraSweet, aspartame is armed not just with its marketing charms, but also with the slick maneuverings of the multi-billion artificial sweetener industry and government agencies that often fail to walk their talk of consumer safety.

With hopes of striking a responsive chord, I’d like to tell you today: “Sweet” isn’t all there is to aspartame and these artificial sweeteners entering your body.

Aspartame and artificial sweeteners put you at dangers they have no plans of telling you about.

Aspartame Failed To Win FDA Favor For 20 years; What Finally Led To
Its Approval?

Did you know that...?

Aspartame Can Sabotage
Your Weight Loss Efforts!

Aspartame Side Effects

If you’re trying to shed the extra pounds and you happen to make a trip to the supermarket, you might have to be more wary of picking out products marketed as “reduced calorie,” “sugar-free,” and “diet,” thus containing aspartame or other artificial sweeteners.

Get this free report and know more about how aspartame and its components are possibly instructing your body to store fat and bringing down your serotonin levels, blocking the road to weight loss.

Do you know that aspartame failed to win FDA approval for two decades?

Discovered by chemist James M. Schlatter in 1965 by pure accident, aspartame and its intrigue-laced approval tells many a tale about corporate America, the contingent blessings brought by the cyclamate and saccharin bans, and the arbiters of government power. This report will enable you to shun the myths on aspartame’s approval and to know the dirty political and regulatory tricks in the whole approval process.

For 20 years, the FDA gave aspartame products the thumbs down mainly for the following safety issues and reasons:

  • Flawed data
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Fluid loss in your body

But pharmaceutical giant G.D. Searle – the makers of the NutraSweet and Equal
brands – did not back down and knew that all it took was flexing political muscle. Read about how Donald Rumsfeld, the same powerful political figure in the Bush administration, proved instrumental in the FDA approval of aspartame in 1981 and the political appointments leading to it.

But more than these, the deceptive studies on aspartame safety are already a distressing truth in themselves.

Yes, there are alarming animal lab testing results (and lack of testimony for safe human use) that you are yet to know about aspartame...


What They Fail – Or Downright Refuse – To Tell You About Aspartame

Artificial sweeteners have been hailed as the savior of diabetics and those with persistent weight-loss efforts. Part of the first generation of these is aspartame, which is 180 times sweeter than sugar.

Aspartame Products in the Grocery Store

As of 2008, more than 6,000 products, consumed by over 100 million worldwide, contain aspartame. They include the following:

  • Carbonated softdrinks
  • Chewable vitamins
  • Sugar-free cough drops
  • Tabletop sweeteners
  • Yogurt

Most people think that they already know these “healthy,” aspartame-based products like the back of their hands. Truth is – and an ugly one at that – there are scientifically backed evidences and lab results showing the dangers and unproven safety of aspartame use.

The deceased lab animals tested for aspartame safety can vouch for this: tumors have developed in animal bodies, which were misleadingly rendered as “normal swelling” in the FDA-published report by Jerome Bressler in August 1977.

Human reports to FDA, too, have associated aspartame to minor adverse reactions and life-threatening conditions that include:

  • Migraines
  • Change in vision
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Insomnia / sleep problems
  • Abdominal and joint pains
  • Change in heart rate
  • Depression
  • Memory loss
  • Seizure
  • Brain cancer

More than these complaints to the FDA, there are also around 10,000 documented reports of aspartame side effects and over 900 published studies on the health hazards. And there’s more you’d be thankful to know!

There’s More You’d Care To Know About Aspartame

I’m long been alarmed about aspartame and artificial sweeteners in general, but also brimming with so much hope that good information can reach you early. There are more that you’ll discover in this free report, including:

  • How to know if you’re an aspartame reactor, or if your health problems stem from consumption of this chemical
  • Why aspartame should be entirely avoided if a person is born with Phenylketonuria (PKU), and when toxic buildup (which may result to mental retardation) potentially enters the picture
  • How aspartame is linked with excitotoxicity, or which can possibly lead to cell death.
  • The transformation of aspartame into “formaldehyde cocktail”
  • Yes, aspartame can actually sabotage your weight-loss efforts! Learn how this ingredient can push your
    body to store fat and worsen your food cravings
  • What “new and improved” aspartame is being introduced and carrying the same health risks
  • Safe, foolproof ideas on sweetening life the natural way and finding the right diet.

Aspartame Free Report Page

There’s nothing more liberating than unmasking mass deceptions such as this one and applying the knowledge to our own health and life choices. I hope that you will decide in favor of this today. I have full confidence that the information I’ve outlined in this report, which I’ve discussed extensively in my book Sweet Deception: Why Splenda®, Nutrasweet®, and the FDA May Be Hazardous to Your Health, will inspire positive changes in your diet and health, making you more wary of drugs and consumer products that propose to “sweeten” life the safe way. Just enter your email address in the box below to get hold of this FREE report.

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