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Mercola Expands Its Organic Essential Oil Line with Tulsi Holy Basil


Dana Gates
[email protected]

Rare, organic essential oil promotes wellness and vitality*

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRNEWSWIRE) October 5, 2016 – In continuation of Mercola’s Organic Essential Oil line expansion, a rare, hard-to-find oil has been added to the collection — Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Essential Oil.

Tulsi holy basil oil is a spicy-sweet oil steam distilled from the leaves of the holy basil plant. Traditionally used to support detoxification processes and for its stress-soothing qualities,* its effects are warming, clarifying and uplifting.

Like all of Dr. Mercola’s Organic Essential Oils, it contains no synthetic, harsh or genetically modified ingredients.

To use Organic Tulsi Holy Basil Oil for aromatherapy, add one or more drops to tap or filtered water in a diffuser. It blends well with Organic Citronella, Organic Orange and Organic Eucalyptus Oils.

This unique and versatile essential oil is safe for use around pets and children when used according to directions.

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