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Mercola Healthy Pets Introduces a New Product


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Pet owners now have a new way to help calm their pets

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) October 6, 2014 – Dr. Becker will now be helping lessen the stress for countless pets around the world with release of Zen Pet.

Thanks to a remarkable blend of eight non-synthetic calming agents formulated by Dr. Karen Becker, a licensed veterinarian, Zen Pet can help ease the internal feelings of stress and anxiety that many cats and dogs experience from time to time from everyday events like thunderstorms, fireworks, trips, vet visits, grooming, loud music, boarding, and guests.

Zen Pet contains the adaptogens Rhodiola and African basil, both of which can help a pet adapt to minor physical, chemical, and environmental stress.

Zen Pet is intended for occasional use before or during stressful events. Although it works best if given to your pet a day in advance, it can be used at the beginning of an event. Simply stir chicken-flavored Zen Pet into your pet's food or feed with a treat.

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About Dr. Karen Becker:

Dr. Karen Becker is a licensed veterinarian in Illinois. Voted one of Chicago Magazine's Top Ten Vets, she opened her Natural Pet Animal Hospital in 1999. A highly regarded public speaker and guest on the hit show, the Animal Planet, Dr. Becker currently brings her passion to the Mercola Healthy Pets division of, providing a proactive, integrative approach for healthy pets and their owners.