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Superior supplement offers increased antioxidant effects

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) October 1, 2014  Dr. Mercola’s new fermented black garlic supplement provides many additional benefits over ingesting normal garlic. The proprietary double fermentation process locks in the unique nutrients found in black garlic.

While regular garlic has the antioxidant allicin, the fermentation process of black garlic produces SAC, which packs double the antioxidant power.

“The trouble with other black garlic supplements is producers don’t list the amount of SAC in their product,” says Dr. Mercola. “So the most beneficial aspect could be weakened or missing. I wanted to provide these qualities in my black garlic, most importantly, SAC.”

The double fermentation process involves both enzymes and microbial incubation, and freeze-drying which helps stabilize the end product and ensure normal shelf life of well over a year (about a year and a half). Both of these safeguard quality and that consistent SAC is available in each and every serving.

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