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Mercola Produces Probiotic-Rich Fermented Vegetables



Mercola partners with local organic farmer to market homegrown fermented vegetables

Hoffman Estates, IL May 22, 2017 – Good health begins in the gut, and a healthy gastrointestinal tract is a prerequisite for an optimally functioning immune system. Two types of foods are needed to supply the essentials for gut and overall health: fermented and organic fiber-rich foods. Now, thanks to Dr. Joseph Mercola and his thoughtfully chosen partner Fizzeology, there’s a timesaving, effortless way to get both in one delicious package.

Fermented foods in general contain healthy bacteria to promote gut health. Mercola’s blend contains delicious and fresh raw vegetables and fruits, including favorites like red and green cabbage, carrots, golden beets, sweet potato, red pepper and apples. These high-quality and great-tasting fermented vegetables are being made especially for Mercola by a small, family-run company in Wisconsin.

 “It is one of my most important health practices and I have a few ounces nearly every day,” Mercola said. These specially crafted Organic Fermented Vegetables:

  • Contain the most vibrant and nutrient dense root crops of the season
  • Are sourced from small, local organic farms and CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), including Amish farmers
  • Contain ingredients like organic burdock, ginger, garlic, cilantro and parsley for nutrition and delicious fresh flavor
  • Are cultured with Mercola’s Kinetic Culture starter for reliable fermentation and with probiotics that can produce vitamin K2
  • Contain microbial diversity and probiotics
  • Are non-pasteurized and packed in quart-size glass jars
  • Contain only 3 grams of net carbs per serving (zero sugars), thanks to the fermentation process where the bacteria “digests” the sugars and starches

Faith Anacker, the owner of Fizzeology Foods, is a long-time supporter of the holistic health and natural food movement. She established Fizzeology with one mission in mind: to raise health awareness, one gut at a time, marketing real foods in harmony with nature. The partnership of Dr. Mercola and Fizzeology is a perfect synthesis of natural health philosophies to bring this product to market. 

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