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Mercola Helps People 'Connect to the Earth' With New Grounded Fitness Mat


Dana Gates
[email protected]

The new mat allows connection with Earth’s healing energy while sitting or exercising

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRNEWSWIRE) May 13, 2016 — Grounding or Earthing — the act of maintaining bare skin contact with the Earth such as on sand or dirt — may help relieve pain, promote a healthy inflammatory response, improve sleep and enhance overall well-being, just to name some of its many potential health benefits.

And now, is making it easy to achieve the benefits of grounding without even going outside, with the new Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat.

Perfect for any type of barefoot physical activity, including yoga, Tai Chi, kickboxing, Pilates, or lifting weights, the new mat can also be used for more passive activities like meditation, working, or relaxing. As long as direct skin contact with the black surface of the mat is maintained, there is a grounding connection to the Earth.

PVC- and latex-free, the Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat is also easy to use. Simply plug its grounding cord into the third, round prong of an electric outlet to tap into the home or building’s ground wire, and benefit from its phenomenal grounding properties.

The new grounded fitness mat may also offer protection from potentially harmful EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies such as from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and more. Connecting with the Earth may act as a “shield” preventing electropollution from creating disturbances within the body.

“Many people are connected to a computer and other technologies for many hours a day,” said Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola. “The new Grounding Fitness and Yoga Mat offers the opportunity to access Earth’s healing energy from home, helping to reverse the potentially negative health consequences caused by an increasingly technological world.”

Grounding may help pets, too. Animals instinctively gravitate towards the Earth’s energy, and sitting on the new Grounded Fitness and Yoga Mat may help them have improved energy, stamina, flexibility and even muscle tone.

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