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Mercola Introduces Unique Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Formula



Mercola’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar contains important thermogenic ingredients

Hoffman Estates, IL March 2, 2017 – With legions of health conscious consumers knowing the benefits of apple cider vinegar, Dr. Joseph Mercola has now taken these benefits to the next level by formulating and producing his own USDA certified organic apple cider vinegar.   

Being a strong advocate of fermented foods and beverages, Mercola wanted to add apple cider vinegar to his product line. To make it stand out from the rest of the apple cider vinegars on the market, Mercola added ginger, turmeric, honey and a habanero version to make his a power-packed potion of nutrients and flavors.    

When taken internally, apple cider vinegar is a powerful contributor to the thermogenic process, that is, the metabolic process where the body burns calories and turns them into fuel.

Being at the forefront of mitochondrial health, Mercola produced his raw, unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar to help take its thermogenic properties to the next level. Exciting new research suggests healthy vinegar with acetic acid may support nutritional ketosis, and in turn, mitochondrial health.

"If apple cider vinegar isn’t part of your daily wellness routine, you may be missing out," Mercola said. “Small simple steps can add up and make a significant contribution to your health. I believe that apple cider vinegar is one of those simple, yet important steps.”

His formula contains "the mother," an important, naturally occurring component of apple cider vinegar that includes healthy enzymes and probiotic bacteria, yet is often filtered out. The mother supports gut health and provides assurance that it is a high-quality apple cider vinegar.

Mercola’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar stands out from others because it contains: 

  • Organic ginger root puree for digestive support and thermogenic fat burning properties
  • Organic turmeric root puree for digestive and metabolic support
  • Organic honey – including only 2 grams of total sugar per serving

Dr. Mercola’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Ginger and Turmeric comes in two varieties: Sweet and Spicy (with organic habanero pepper), suited to taste. As a concentrate, the suggested serving size for health support is one tablespoon daily mixed with water or other beverage or food.

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