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Mercola Introduces Revolutionary Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker



Mercola makes it simple to join the DIY movement for fresh, healthy yogurt

Hoffman Estates, IL March 31, 2017 – Dr. Joseph Mercola and his team have introduced a state-of-the-art Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker, bringing this decades-old concept mainstream to impact good gut health.

Its special advanced technology called PTC, or Positive Temperature Coefficient technology, allows for accurate regulation over the temperature of the unit. And a separate timer provides control over the length of the fermenting period to customize the finished product.

People are often unaware of the high amounts of sugar contained in commercially-produced yogurts. The Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker presents total control over the finished product. In addition, one of the greatest benefits to homemade yogurt is control of the starter culture and the strains of beneficial bacteria present in the yogurt.

“The problem with commercial yogurt products is that they’re full of sugar, or worse, artificial sweeteners and flavors that vastly override any benefit you are getting from the beneficial bacteria,” Mercola said. “The most cost effective strategy is to make it at home yourself."   

Other special features that set Mercola’s Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker apart from others on the market today:

  • Maintains the perfect temperature for yogurt fermentation
  • Its compact footprint (10.8” L x 9.6” W x 5.8” H) and sleek design, soundless operation
  • See-through cover enables the user to observe the fermentation process in action
  • Includes 7 dishwasher-safe glass jars and plastic lids that go straight from the yogurt maker into the refrigerator
  • Allows for customization of culturing time based on preference for a thinner, milder flavor yogurt or one that’s thicker and more tart
  • Its unique configuration allows for equal heat transmission

The Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker is designed for use with the Kinetic Culture Yogurt Starter, which contains 5 strains of beneficial bacteria, including the highly effective Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, for yogurt fermentation. Several of the strains generate vitamin K2 during fermentation, an important, hard-to-get nutrient that works together with calcium and vitamin D to support cardiovascular and bone health.

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