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Proprietary starter culture perfects the art of fermenting vegetables at home

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) March 20, 2014 – After conducting years of research, is releasing its proprietary formulation, Kinetic Culture.

Designed to produce professional-quality fermented vegetables at home, this formulation contains 10 strains of K2-producing probiotic bacteria yielding 100 billion CFU probiotics per serving at time of manufacture.

Consuming a small amount of fermented vegetables daily is an ideal way to optimize gut flora by stimulating beneficial microflora growth.

Fermented vegetables also provide higher concentrations of certain nutrients than foods that are not fermented.

A high level of vitamin K2 is one of the most desirable features of quality fermented vegetables. Vitamin K2 is naturally produced by the fermentation process, and certain probiotic strains can produce more K2 than others. Kinetic Culture was created specifically to produce ample amounts of K2.

“Making quality fermented vegetables can be a challenge because you don’t really know how well a starter culture works until you try it. I wanted to remove the guess work and develop a high-quality starter culture that could be depended upon every time to yield good results,” said Dr. Mercola, founder of, the #1 most visited Natural Health website in the world.

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