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Mercola Launches First-Ever Carbon-Neutral Cat Litter


Dana Gates
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Organic BioCharged Kitty Litter clumps firmly and absorbs odors without using harsh ingredients 

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRNEWSWIRE) July 12, 2016 – With an estimated 96 million pet cats in the United States, it’s no wonder the commercial pet product industry offers an overwhelming amount of different types of cat litter — dust and tracking control, odor control, multi-cat, pellets, crystals — the list goes on and on.

But those options may not be the best choice when looking for a new litter. has recently developed an organic, high performance, super absorbent clumping litter that has everything a cat lover wants — without all the harsh chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients. Organic BioCharged Kitty Litter is the first carbon-neutral cat litter, which has the immense ability to absorb moisture and trap and eliminate odors.

Biochar is a type of charcoal that is sustainably produced in the U.S. by slowly heating wood waste and forest residue in a controlled atmosphere, which allows BioCharged Kitty Litter to biodegrade and make excellent compost for an outdoor garden.

Made from recycled pine trees, BioCharged Kitty Litter outperforms other pine, clay, wheat, corn and nut-based litters, and is sustainable for the Earth as well as safer than other types of litter.

Since cats are notorious fastidious groomers, more cat litters get ingested than consumers think. And the more harsh chemicals present in the litter, the more likely cats are to get sick.

“I’ve treated kitties that ingested clay litter,” said Dr. Karen Becker, an integrative wellness veterinarian. “I’ve seen respiratory issues and chronic eye discharge clear up when cats were switched off of clay.”

Buyers won’t have to worry about their cats getting sick from ingesting BioCharged Kitty Litter, as its 100% organic ingredients are safe for cats, humans and other pets.

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