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Hoffman Estates, IL (PRWEB) July 22, 2014 – Everyone’s thumbs could become a bit greener this summer with the new release of Dr. Mercola’s Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement. The product mimics the Earth’s natural systems to provide optimum growing conditions.

Developed especially for growing sprouts as well as organic vegetable gardens, Dr. Mercola’s Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement helps enrich plant growth by blending four unique ingredients – sustainable biochar to aid absorption of nutrients and water, organic compost, organic worm casings, and organic kelp meal. With these additional ingredients, this soil enhancer is a step above traditional ones, according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of 

The biochar in Dr. Mercola’s Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement is more sustainable than other biochar products because it’s made from only non-painted, non-stained wood and has a uniform 3.5 particle size to ensure it absorbs a large amount of water and nutrients.

Dr. Mercola is so impressed with Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement, he recently added a large amount to his entire garden, and is reaping the rewards as he harvests his crops.

An advocate of home-grown organic fruits and vegetables, Dr. Mercola said he hopes, “my Sprout Doctor™ Soil Enhancement will steer more people to the nutritional benefits of growing their fruits and vegetables at home.”

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