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Make Way for the New Mercola Muse Headband


Dana Gates
[email protected]

New meditation assistant trains the mind to let go of negative thoughts and feelings

Hoffman Estates, IL (PRNEWSWIRE) August 2, 2016 – The human brain has approximately 60,000 thoughts per day. It’s believed that 95 percent of thoughts are the same ones repeated every day — and 80 percent of them are negative.

To encourage more positive thinking, Mercola is introducing the Muse Headband — a brain fitness tool that helps the brain reach a state of mindfulness, and helps people take their meditation practice to new heights in as little as three minutes a day.

The Muse Headband gives accurate, real-time feedback on what’s happening in the brain during meditation. It teaches the essentials of meditation and provides milestones and rewards that motivate the user to commit to a daily meditation practice.

The short, fun sessions encourage people to live happier and more connected lives by transmitting brain activity to a mobile device via low power Bluetooth (with lower EMFs). The Muse app uses a variety of clever audio feedback cues to let the user know when their brain is calm and focused and when it’s active and wandering.

After each session, the user receives points as they perfect their ability to stay focused, and progress through the “levels” of the game. This helps the user to keep coming back to improve their meditation skills.

“It’s almost like sending your brain to the gym,” said Dr. Joseph Mercola, founder of Mercola. “Muse exercises your brain much like how regular exercise provides a workout for your body, and turns it into a game that is very motivating.”

The Muse Headband is a personal meditation assistant that provides these unique options. With its guided meditation exercises, Muse walks the user through the entire process, helping them to meditate and also to live their life “in the present.”

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