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Dr. Mercola Offers Krill IQ in Addition to His Other Krill Products


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An exclusive, unique formula for those who want an enhanced krill oil…

Hoffman Estates, April 29, 2013 – Dr. Mercola’s line of Krill Oil supplements includes a supplement called Krill IQ, which his team formulated with high quality ingredients for those who want more than “just Krill oil”. is considered one of the world's leading health websites, which promotes optimal wellness via health articles, wellness products such as supplements, and a widely read natural health newsletter under the ownership and direction of Illinois-based osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph M. Mercola, DO.

Krill IQ is an exclusive, unique formula based on isolated compounds derived from krill oil along with other ingredients, such as phosphatidylserine (PS) and choline.

The Mercola team combined PS and choline, with the DHA, EPA, and antioxidants already found in krill oil, to create what Dr. Mercola considers a more comprehensive krill supplement. Mercola Krill IQ is the first and only PS-containing supplement that uses krill oil as its source, instead of soy, making it perfect for those who want to avoid soy.

One of the greatest challenges with Krill Oil – or any source of omega-3 fatty acids for that matter – is preventing spoilage before the product even reaches you. Exposure to air can cause rancidity – and rancid oil is something you surely don’t want to put in your body. Dr. Mercola recommends krill oil over fish oil because of its higher antioxidant content. This makes it less likely to become rancid.

Dr. Mercola says they solved that potential problem by using Licaps technology instead of softgels. Licaps use innovative “Fusion Technology” to seal a 2-piece capsule without the use of banding. The bottom line with Licaps… the possibility of leakage is virtually reduced to zero while absorption is enhanced.

In addition, Mercola stresses the company’s ongoing commitment to product purity and the highest level of quality control available through advanced technology throughout the entire formulation and production process of all its supplements.

“That is why we use production facilities and manufacturers with cGMP and ISO9001 credentials. A highly qualified manufacturer is always high on my checklist. We simply refuse to settle for any manufacturer where production quality issues may possibly contribute to compromising inconsistencies, because we are committed to bringing our customers superior quality supplements at fair prices,” said Dr. Mercola.

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Dr. Joseph Mercola is a New York Times best-selling author. He was voted the 2009 Ultimate Wellness Game Changer by the Huffington Post and has been featured in the national media in such outlets as Time magazine and the LA times, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, the Today Show, and CBS’ Washington Unplugged. 

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