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2020 Press Releases

June 09, 2020:  Mercola Donates Healthy Meals to Local Hospital Staff

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2018 Press Releases

April 04, 2018:  Mercola Introduces Revolutionary New Line of Digestive Enzymes

February 22, 2018:  Mercola Announced as 2018 Clean Choice Award Winner

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2017 Press Releases

December 28, 2017:  Mercola Introduces Organic Clothing Line

November 27, 2017:  Mercola introduces Organic Cotton Shirts

September 25, 2017:  Mercola Awarded 2017 Best of Supplements

July 31, 2017: Celebrates 20th Anniversary!

June 15, 2017:  Dr. Joseph Mercola Releases Groundbreaking New Book

May 31, 2017:  Mercola Sunscreen Receives #1 Rating

May 24, 2017:  Mercola Produces Probiotic-Rich Fermented Vegetables

March 31, 2017:  Mercola Introduces Revolutionary Kinetic Culture Yogurt Maker

March 02, 2017:  Mercola Introduces Unique Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Formula

February 22, 2017:  Mercola Introduces Ketone Energy MCT Oil

February 14, 2017:  Mercola Introduces Two Ketogenic Snack Bars

February 09, 2017:  Mercola Complete Probiotics named 2016 Best of Supplements Award Winner from Better Nutrition Magazine

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2016 Press Releases

October 25, 2016:  Mercola Introduces New Fall-Inspired, Healthier Snack Bars

October 20, 2016:  Mercola Introduces New and Improved Tulsi Toothpaste with Healthier Ingredients

October 05, 2016:  Mercola Expands Its Organic Essential Oil Line with Tulsi Holy Basil

September 30, 2016:  Mercola Introduces New Women’s Hormonal Health Formula

September 16, 2016:  Mercola Introduces Groundbreaking Fermented Ginger for Gut Health

August 23, 2016:  Mercola Introduces Highly Anticipated Frankincense Oil

August 02, 2016:  Make Way for the New Mercola Muse Headband

July 28, 2016:  Grilling Season Isn’t Complete Without 100% Grass Fed Beef

July 14, 2016:  Mercola Launches a Welcome Addition to Summer Parties: Liver Support

July 12, 2016:  Mercola Launches First-Ever Carbon-Neutral Cat Litter

June 14, 2016:  Mercola Reintroduces Innovative Blue Tube Headset

June 09, 2016:  Mercola Celebrates Father’s Day by Helping Dads Stay Healthy

May 13, 2016:  Mercola Helps People 'Connect to the Earth' With New Grounded Fitness Mat

May 10, 2016:  Mercola Introduces a Probiotic That’s Easy to Swallow

April 29, 2016:  Mercola Celebrates Mother’s Day the Healthy Way

April 21, 2016:  Mercola Introduces Advanced 100 Billion CFU Probiotics

April 14, 2016: Celebrates Earth Day the Eco-Friendly Way

March 15, 2016:  Mercola Helps Stimulate Senses With New Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

March 01, 2016:  Sniff Test Shows Mercola Krill Oil Is Preferred Over Other Brands

February 22, 2016:  Contribute to a GMO-Free Future with Mercola

February 12, 2016:  Mercola Releases Vitamin D with Liposomal Technology for Enhanced Benefits

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2015 Press Releases

November 25, 2015:  Dr. Mercola Antarctic Krill Oil is One of the Freshest and Most Sustainable, Per New Report*

September 01, 2015: Adds Organic Essential Oils to Its Premium Product Line

July 29, 2015: Introduces NEW Garden Tower and Enhanced Mineral Solution for Healthy Plants

June 15, 2015: to Donate $25,000 for Fluoride Awareness Week

May 04, 2015:  Sitewide Sale PLUS Free Shipping for Mother’s Day!

April 22, 2015: Helps Plant Trees for Earth Day

March 01, 2015:  100 Winners EACH DAY in Probiotics Giveaway!

January 30, 2015: Introduces New Colloidal Silver Product

January 29, 2015: Introduces New Iodine Supplement

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2014 Press Releases

December 29, 2014: Offers New Green Cleaning Products

December 15, 2014: Introduces Healthy Chef Ceramic Knife Set

November 24, 2014:  FREE Shipping and FREE Gift for Black Friday!

November 17, 2014:  New Rewards Program Announced for Loyal Customers

November 04, 2014: Pledges Donations to Integrative Medicine Fellowship

October 30, 2014: Adopts an Eco-Friendly Fishing Method for Krill

October 07, 2014: Introduces New Fermented Black Garlic Supplement

October 06, 2014:  Mercola Healthy Pets Introduces a New Product

September 26, 2014:  Dr. Mercola Introduces Chemical-Free Flame-Retardant Bedding Sets

September 08, 2014: to Donate $100,000 During Mercury Awareness Week

August 28, 2014: Introduces Proprietary Advanced Formula – GoEasy

July 22, 2014: Introduces an Innovative Garden Soil Enhancement

July 17, 2014: Is Giving Away a Chrome Juicer

May 22, 2014:  Anti-GMO Bill Passes in Jackson County, Oregon

May 19, 2014:  Winner of Dr. Mercola's Cookware Set Announced

May 18, 2014: to Give Away Monarch Butterfly-Friendly Milkweed Seeds

April 30, 2014: Teams Up with

April 28, 2014: Introduces Proprietary Organic Green Superfood Supplement

April 28, 2014: Focuses on Advanced, Low EMF Technology for New Vitality Infrared Sauna Line

April 24, 2014: Introduces a Smart Alternative to Conventional Chocolate

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2013 Press Releases

December 15, 2013: Pledges Donation to Worthwhile Cause During This Holiday Season

November 25, 2013:  Prizes and Special Savings During’s Easy Holiday Scratch ‘N Win Extravaganza

September 27, 2013: to Donate $50,000 to Support Washington’s GMO Labeling Bill, I-522

July 08, 2013: to Donate $10,000 to Subscribers’ Favorite Organizations

June 27, 2013:  Free Book Giveaway to Celebrate Dr. Mercola Reaching 500K Fans on Facebook

June 13, 2013:  Dr. Mercola Creates New Saw Palmetto Supplement

February 28, 2013:  Dr. Mercola Announces New Proprietary Supplement

February 18, 2013:  Special Savings at -- President’s Day Sale

January 31, 2013:  Dr. Mercola Announces New Cutting Edge Vitamin C Product

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