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avoid fluoride exposure

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Reduce Your Fluoride Exposure by Avoiding These Stealth Fluoride Sources

Water fluoridation, once touted “the solution to dental caries,” is now under a great deal of controversy. This is partly due to an increasing number of studies that reveal that fluoride – especially when ingested – offers no dental benefits, and may in fact endanger your health.

I have repeatedly warned people that fluoride is a poisonous industrial waste product. It's a neurotoxin that accumulates inside your body. Over time, ingesting fluoride can lead to serious and even life-threatening health problems, such as:

  • Skeletal fluorosis and bone fractures
  • Muscle disorders
  • Brain damage and low IQ
  • Impaired thyroid function
  • Bone cancer
  • Dementia
  • Genetic damage and cell death

If you want to learn more about the dangers of fluoride, I recommend subscribing to the Mercola natural health newsletter, where I regularly publish articles about this damaging toxin.

Fact: Fluoridated Water Is NOT the Only Source of Fluoride

I am very glad to see that many people and communities are now wising up when it comes to fluoridated water. Many are now installing efficient fluoride-blocking water filters in their home and supporting movements that call for the end of water fluoridation. One successful example is the Portland Clean Water campaign, where residents of Portland, Oregon voted against adding fluoride to their water supply – and won by a large margin!

Indeed, standing up against water fluoridation is a wise way to avoid fluoride exposure. But, it does not end there.

Here's why: fluoride is actually present in many other products. And if you're not careful, you may unknowingly harbor toxic levels of fluoride from these sources.

Many Consumer Products Are Tainted with Fluoride

Fluoride is naturally occurring in some areas, leading to high levels in certain water supplies. Fluoride advocates often use this information to convince people that this chemical is safe. But remember, not all naturally occurring substances are automatically safe. Take arsenic, for example.

What's more, the fluoride added to most water supplies is not the naturally occurring variety. Instead, they use fluorosilicic acid, which is captured in air pollution control devices of the phosphate fertilizer industry.

But aside from these natural fluoride sources and water fluoridation, fluoride is also present in many surprising places. Some of these are products that you use – or consume –daily. Chances are these items are already inside your home!

So even if you've managed to avoid fluoridated water, there is a large possibility that you're still harboring toxic levels of fluoride through these common products.

A Simple Guide to Help You Avoid Fluoride-Tainted Products

I’ve created the infographic “10 Ways to Avoid Fluoride Exposure,” a quick but useful guide to help you avoid fluoride not only from water fluoridation, but from other fluoride-tainted products as well. Through this Mercola infographic, you will:

  • Discover which household items and consumer products are harboring high levels of fluoride
  • Find out which food products contain fluoride
  • Learn which popular “healthy” beverage contains high fluoride levels

Hopefully, this informative tool will encourage you to always be on the lookout for fluoride-free products – an important factor to help you stay in optimal health.

Don't fall victim to the dangers of fluoride! Reduce your fluoride exposure right away. Remember, it is always up to you to take control of your health.