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Ghost in the Machine

Learn All About Big Pharma’s Deep, Dark Secrets by Reading This Exposé

Don’t be deceived by Big Pharma’s promises. It resorts to shady and deceitful tactics that puts many people’s lives at risk. Discover how they pull the strings to generate profits — at the cost of your health.

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Big Pharma Is Endangering Your Health: Without You Knowing

When vaccines and prescription drugs were introduced into the market, they were initially branded as “treatments” against common illnesses. Over time, however, they transformed into lucrative sources of income that resulted in countless lives being affected and sacrificed under the guise of advancing research and “improving” health.

These selfish motives are spearheaded by a “ghost” in the machine: a complex web of players from Big Pharma companies, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and academic institutions that work together to further their agenda, at the expense of people’s health.

These manipulators work together to ensure that new but potentially unsafe treatments are released without sufficient research. They censor vital and truthful information, while lining their pockets with more money to continue this vicious cycle.

Connections and Conflicts of Interest: Vital Cogs That Keep the Machine Running

One shocking breach of ethics is that employees of pharmaceutical companies are allowed to move to government agencies and nonprofits (and sometimes vice versa) after they step down from their posts. This revolving door has allowed Big Pharma to access and influence policies, resulting in unaddressed conflicts of interest.

But Big Pharma, still not content with its ties to lawmaking and enforcement agencies, now also targets academic institutions and media outlets, which are supposed to uphold truth and not be tainted by biases. Some Big Pharma executives have even found their way on the boards of academic or media organizations.

The outcome is an abundance of pharma-sponsored studies with altered and misleading results, and advertisements with false messages intended to confuse consumers. Big Pharma also aims to discredit manufacturers of vitamins, supplements and homeopathic treatments that aim to provide safer options to consumers without compromising their health.

Prevent the ‘Ghost’ From Exerting Its Stronghold — Here’s How You Can Do It

Big Pharma, governments, academia and mainstream media want you to turn a blind eye to these glaring issues — don’t fall into their trap. It’s about time you become aware of these deceitful practices so you can stand up for your rights.

By reading this E-book, “The Ghost in the Machine: An Expose on How Puppet Masters Control the Planet for their Benefit,” you’ll uncover the inner workings of the industry and learn:

• How and when Big Pharma’s dishonest practices began
• Who the key figures responsible for upholding these shady practices
• What methods are being done to censor the truth
• Ways that pharmaceutical companies continue to discredit other manufacturers of inexpensive but potentially more effective options

An effective way to counteract Big Pharma’s massive influence is by making informed choices. This E-book will not just open your eyes to the lies these mentioned organizations have been feeding you for years, but also allow you to learn about the drawbacks of conventional medicine and enable you to make your own choices necessary for improving your overall well-being.


Ghost in the Machine

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Find out how profit-minded pharmaceutical companies and their cohorts misinform the public about the health risks of conventional medicine — and take a stand against these deceitful tactics that can harm your health.


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