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Vaccine Awareness Week

Defend Your Right to Make Informed, Voluntary Vaccine Choices

From October 29 to November 4, and the nonprofit National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) are co-sponsoring the 14th Annual Vaccine Awareness Week, a week dedicated to raising public awareness about vaccine risks and failures and the need to defend the legal right to exercise voluntary decisions about vaccination.

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With all the uncertainty surrounding the safety and effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and the many other vaccines routinely given to most children and adults, it's critical to take action to defend your legal right to make independent health choices and voluntary decisions about vaccination without being coerced or sanctioned in any way for the decision you make.

It is urgent that everyone stand up right now and fight to secure vaccine informed consent protections in state public health, education and employment laws, especially because our freedom of speech is being silenced in the digital public square on social media platforms where only approved medical policy is allowed to be discussed. Considering that conventional advice today is to get repeat COVID booster shots — despite a shocking lack of clinical testing and scientific evidence of safety or effectiveness — it is imperative we act immediately.

Every donation you make during Vaccine Awareness Week can help support the legal right to make an informed, voluntary decision about vaccinations. We’ll match your donations up to $100,000 to the NVIC, a nonprofit charity advocating for vaccine safety and informed consent rights since 1982.


This educational charity’s mission is to prevent vaccine injuries and death through public education and to defend your legal right to exercise voluntary informed consent to vaccination for yourself or on behalf of your minor child. With big pharmaceutical corporations aggressively pushing for purchase and use of more and more vaccines for children and adults, it is crucial for us to act now and support the NVIC’s vaccine choice advocacy.

The NVIC is 100% publicly supported. Donations to this worthy organization made it possible for their four-decade grassroots public education work to help protect the U.S. from a COVID vaccine mandate for children. During the COVID pandemic emergency declaration, NO state legislature in the U.S. mandated the COVID vaccine for school children, which is a historic accomplishment!

But we know there will be continuing attempts by Big Pharma lobbyists to require every new vaccine that drug companies create for daycare and school attendance — and require more vaccines in the future for adults, too. It is urgent for us to act now and support the NVIC’s strong and effective advocacy work to protect vaccine freedom of choice.

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