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Juicer Comparison Table

Feature Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Acme 6001 Mercola Juice Extractor Champion 2000+ Green Star GS-2000
Juicer Type Centrifugal Centrifugal Masticating Masticating Twin-gear Triturating
Operates at low RPM? No – 6500-13000 RPM No – 3600 RPM Yes – 80 RPM Somewhat – 1725 RPM  Yes – 110 RPM
Separates out the pulp? Yes Requires fiber filter Yes Yes Yes 
Is easy to use and clean? Yes – Most parts top-shelf  dishwasher safe Yes – Dishwasher safe parts Yes – Most parts top-shelf dishwasher safe Yes – Most parts top-shelf dishwasher safe Yes - But none of the parts are specified to be dishwasher safe 
Juices vegetables and fruit? Yes Requires citrus adapter for thick skinned fruit like oranges Yes Yes   Yes
Juices wheatgrass and leafy greens? Not recommended for wheatgrass  Not recommended for wheatgrass Yes  Requires additional attachment to be effective Yes 
Versatile enough to produce more than vegetable and fruit juice? No – Best for juicing fruits and vegetables No – Best for juicing fruits and vegetables Yes – Makes seed and nut butters, baby food, desserts, pasta, grinds coffee, and more.  Yes – Makes nut butters, baby food, frozen desserts, and meat paté  Yes – Makes pasta, patés from nuts and vegetables, sauces, baby food, and more.
Warranty? 1 year 10 years 5 years  10 years  5 years
Price Range $150 - $200 $194-$229  $235-$259  $245-$260 $459-$489 



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