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Articles on Aspartame


Below is an index of some of my top articles on Aspartame, it's dangers, and why you should avoid it at all costs. For continuing insights on this and other health topics that matter to you -- without fluff, without the "influence" of corporations, government or any third party -- subscribe to the FREE Mercola.com e-newsletter!.

Sweet Deception - Sweet Deception, the new book by New York Times best selling author Dr. Joseph Mercola exposes the FDA's hidden truths about dangers, risks, side effects of aspartame and artificial sweeteners such as Splenda and Nutrasweet.

Dangers - Read this important article on the dangers of aspartame first, and then return to this page if you're interested in many other relevant insights and resources on this topic.

Books - Books about Aspartame, Nutrasweet, and Refined Sugar dangers

The Deadly Deception of Aspartame by the FDA and Searle - "The Deadly Deception" cites chapter and verse of the coverup by Searle and the FDA. See some of the highlights from the book "The Deadly Deception":

Aspartame and the Food & Drug Administration - Why isn't the FDA protecting your health?

FDA Pivotal Safety Study - Despite approval by the federal Food and Drug Administration as a sweetener, Aspartame remains the focus of serious human health questions poised by a core of skeptics.

History of Aspartame - A history of Fraud and Deception.

Governments Coverup Aspartame - FDA "findings" on Aspartame remain based on faked tests.

Gulf War - Aspartame Dosing of the Military in the Gulf War.

Hidden Dangers of Aspartame - Aspartame: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Not Natural - Studies prove Aspartame is not a natural product.

Aspartame Symptoms - Seizures and headaches are among the most common complaints reported by Aspartame users.

Reseach Findings on Dangers on Aspartame - Author Mary Nash Stoddard presents research findings at July 1995 Tesla Conference, before several hundred attendees.

Weight Gain Myth - It's not unusual for people who are dieting to reach for an aspartame product verses a product containing sugar. With a weight conscious society, fewer calories can be attractive. However, a closer look shows that aspartame may not help control weight gain.


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