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Therapists in New Mexico

These practitioners have a variety of previous training and licensure. Only those names highlighted in RED have completed the Advanced NST Training.

Albuquerque, NM

Lynette Bittner, P.T.
Phone: 505-343-8095
E-mail: bittner@thuntek.net

Jan DeRusha
Phone: 505-821-7194
E-mail: jjderusha@Att.net

Ross Edwards
Phone: 505-898-4568
Pager: 505-248-2963
E-mail: rwehands@nmia.com

Dee Kotilainen, P.T.
Vital Connections
Phone: 505-265-5097
E-mail: deekot@swcp.com

Santa Fe, NM

Goldhara McKay
La Cienega Structural Integration
Phone: 505-473-0301

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