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Raw Milk Now Available in the Chicago Area

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You probably thought that raw milk is not legal to sell in the State of Illinois and that is technically correct. However it is perfectly legal to drink raw milk from your own cow. So many farmers have developed "cow share" programs where you purchase a portion of the cow and pay the farmer to milk him for you.

A major newspaper actually interviewed me for a front page article that they will be running soon on this topic as it is becoming more prevalent nationally.

Raw milk is one of the most important new foods that we have been recommending in our practice since we found a source last year. For the past six months or so our patients have been able to obtain raw milk from an Amish farming cooperative.

The cow share program really does seem to provide a program that has stood the test of the legal system and now you can have this natural health food also if you live in the Chicago area.

Please note: The raw milk buyers clubs are having trouble keeping up with the demand, so we are forced to temporarily remove their contact information at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience but encourage you to find a source locally by contacting local dairy farmers and requesting the raw milk. www.realmilk.com offers many other suggestions.

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