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Beans and Legumes for Your Blood Type


Below are the beans that should be optimized for your blood type based on the lectin work of Dr. D'Adamo. Please be clear that I am not endorsing his work as it is my experience that the insulin issues are far more important to balance health than selection of foods based on blood types.

I have found that bean selection based on blood type to be a simple thing to do and most people do not seem to notice much difference between beans, so it makes sense to eat blood type optimized beans.

Blood Type
Highly Beneficial
Aduke, Azuki, Pinto, Black-eyed
Black, Broad, Cannellini, Fava, Garbanzo, Green, Jicama, Lima, Northern, Red, Red Soy, Snap, String, White, Green Peas, Pea Pods
Copper, Kidney, Navy, Tamarind, Domestic Lentils, Green Lentils, Red Lentils
Aduke, Azuki, Black, Green, Pinto, Red Soy, Domestic Lentils, Green Lentils, Red Lentils, Black-eyed Peas
Broad, Cannellini, Fava, Jicama, Snap, String, White, Green Peas, Pea Pods, Snow Peas
Copper, Garbanzo, Kidney, Lima, Navy, Red, Tamarind
Kidney, Lima, Navy, Red Soy
Broad, Cannellini, Copper, Fava, Green, Jicama, Northern, Red, Snap, String, Tamarind, White, Green Peas, Pea Pods
Aduke, Azuki, Black, Garbanzo, Pinto, Domestic Lentils, Green Lentils, Red Lentils, Black-eyed Peas
Navy, Pinto, Red, Red Soy, Green Lentils
Broad, Cannellini, Copper, Northern, Green, Jicama, Snap, String, Tamarind, White, Domestic Lentils, Red Lentils, Green Peas, Pea Pods
Aduke, Azuki, Black, Fava, Garbanzo, Kidney, Lima, Black-eyed Peas

From "Eat Right for Your Type" by Peter D'Adamo, ND


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