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Read How One Infant Boy Nearly Died After His Pediatrician Put Him on Soy Formula

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Anita Knight's son, Charlie nearly died back in 1962 after being diagnosed as allergic to milk and milk products. His pediatrician decided to put him on Infant formula NeoMulsoy, a soy formula.

"After about two weeks he began nausea and diarrhea and over night lost some half his body weight. Hospitalized one week, I was summoned to hospital that he was near death, but thank God, he survived. The doctor kept him on diet of mashed bananas and water and he made it home after two weeks. He now has severe dental fluorosis, and I did keep one of his baby teeth. He also suffers spinal stiffness and muscle and nerve problems in his feet. Needless to say, we put him back on milk and he tolerated it alright."

If you are interested for the complete detailed and dramatic account of Knight’s son, Charlie, you can find it on the Weston A. Price Foundation site as "Charlie's Story


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